Asure ID 2009 – How to install the software

If you have just received your copy of Ausre ID 2009, you may want details on how to install the software.

The installation directions are listed below or pictured help is available with a PDF download you will find here.

Install the Asure ID 2009 Software

1. Close down all software programs on your computer and insert eh Asure software installation CD into your computer’s CD drive. The software installer should automatically open.

Follow the on screen procedures to complete the installation.

Select the appropriate language for your installation and set up.

Then click on NEXT to continue the installation process.

2. Read the license agreement and select the I ACCEPT radio button. Then click NEXT.

3. Click NEXT to start the installation of Asure ID 2009.

4. When the software has finished installing, click on FINSH.

Inital Log In Instructions:

Use admin for the User ID and the Password to start. You may change these at a later time.

Select Activate to enter the activation key located on the backside of the software package. If you have downloaded the software from the web or are downloading the Asure ID 2009 Trial Version, select the version and then click CONTINUE. Trial software will remain active for 30 days.

Then fill in the user information which is used if the serial number is ever lost. Enter the license key and select phone activation or activate online.

For instructions on how to change passwords and how to use the program, click on the help button located in the upper right corner of the Asure ID 2009 menu bar.

The 30 day trial downlaod is available from our blog at Asure ID 2009 trial download. Additional information about purchasing Asure ID 2009 Software or learning about the design features of Asure ID 2009 can be found in our website at blog.

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