Asure ID 2009 – Installation Instructions

1. Place the Asure ID 2009 software CD in the computer. The program should start automatically.  If it does not start, browse to the CD ROM drive and run the “Asure_ID_2009_Setup.exe”.

2. The Select Setup Language screen should appear. Choose the appropriate language and select “ok”.

Select Setup Language

3. The Wizard will begin by checking for required pre-requisites. Click “Next” to load the pre-requisites.

Installation Wizard

4. The next screen is the first screen of the actual loading of the software. Keep in mind, that if the computer already has all of the pre-requisites installed this will be the screen shown after the start of the installation. Click “Next” to begin installing the software on the computer.

Installation Wizard

5. The Software License Agreement will display next. The Terms of the Agreement MUST be accepted to continue with the installation.

Installation Wizard

5. The next screen is the final screen before the files are copied to the computer. Click “Next” to start copying the files to the computer.

Installation Wizard

6. This is the final screen shot showing that the software has been installed and is now ready to use.  Please make reference to the Note on this screen:

The User ID and Password to use on first use is “admin””.

Click “Finish” to exit the installation program.

Installation Wizard


Assistance in setting up a MySQL database for Asure ID 2009 is also available.

For more information about Asure ID 2009 ID Card Software, contact our id card specialists at 888-485-4696.

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