Asure ID 2009 Software and Windows 7

Asure ID 2009

Asure ID 2009 Software is now improved. There is a service pack that will allow Asure Software to work with 64 bit. This will allow the software to work with Windows 7 64 bit computer systems. The service pack is ready for download.

Click here for the .exe file

For additional information about Asure ID 2009 software or for a trial version of the software, contact our ID card experts at 888-485-4696.

2 thoughts on “Asure ID 2009 Software and Windows 7

  1. Gerald shackelford

    Where is the link for the .exe file for the service pack? My old computer died and I have moved the software to a new windows 7 64 bit machine and need it to get back to work.

  2. SafeCardID Team

    Hi Gerald – if you are using Asure ID 2009, we STRONGLY recommend you take the free upgrade to Asure ID v7.x. If you don’t have the original media disk for the version 2009, then you really won’t have much choice, as the link for Asure ID 2009 download has been taken off-line. Go to this page to get the latest install package for Asure ID 7:

    Once installed (either version), you will also have to contact Asure ID support by phone (+1 800.459.5636, option 5, option 3) to have your license key re-enabled for activation. The license key is both on a product sticker on the rear of the original media (DVD/CD-ROM) case that the product disk was delivered in, and also retrievable from within Asure ID 2009 if you log into it from your “old” PC. If you have neither, and you purchased from Safe-Card ID Services, please contact us directly, as we often have copies of the license keys we have distributed.

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