Asure ID 2009

Asure ID 2009

Asure ID 2009 is the new release beginning today of the popular Asure ID card software. The card personalization software provides id card issuers with a new interface and a complete package of custom card printing options.

The software is easy to learn and is full of features that will provide capabilities of card issuance and card management for both small and large organizations.

Simple IDs or highly secure smart cards can be issued with easy using the new interface. The software is built onf Microsoft .NET technology to increase stability and interoperability.

There are four editions of the software with increased levels of capability.

* Asure ID Solo™ – Intuitive, entry-level card personalization software.
* Asure ID Express™ – Easy-to-use, standalone card personalization software.
* Asure ID Enterprise™ – Networkable edition allows multiple workstations to share a common database.
* Asure ID Exchange™ – Designed for sophisticated secure credential applications, this networkable edition provides advanced smart card functionally.

Download the Asure ID 2009 Brochure.

For further information about id card software or id card printer systems, contact our id card experts toll free at 888-485-4696.

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    the printer is giving me card jam, what will i do and
    where will i touch? Asure ID 2009

  4. SafeCardID Team

    Hi Francis. Normally card jam issues are related to the printer you are using.

    You may wish to contact your integrator, the printer manufacturer or your printer owners manual to find recommended steps to fix your printer.

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