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Zebra P330i – ID Card Printing Tips


ID Card Printing Tips for The Zebra P330i Card Printer

1. Install the print driver.
2. Load the print ribbon, cleaning cartridge and the cards.
3. Plug in the correct power cord for your location.
4. Connect the USB cable to the printer and computer.
5. Turn on the printer.
6. The LCD will display “initallizing” and then “ready”.
7. Teh computer will recognize the printer.
8. Slide out the output hopper.
9. Begin printing.
8. The LCD will display the action of the computer during printing.

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For other Zebra printing tips see the following videos:

Zebra P330i – Using the Single Card Feeder>br/>
Zebra P330i – Installing A Print Ribbon

Zebra P330i – Loading PVC Cards

Zebra P330i – Installing Printer Drivers

Zebra P330i – Installation Tips

The ID Card System – Who Should be Responsible for It?

You have completed the negotiations within the company and have decided to move forward with an ID card printer system purchase. After researching all of the printers, software and consumables needed, you have come to the place where the system will be installed and the task of implementation and operation will take place. The printer answers current badge printing needs as well as future expansion ideas. The software is capable of your design and printing requirements. You have chosen a camera that delivers the quality picture needed. All the consumables, like printer ribbons and cards, are ready to go. The question is who is going to implement and operate the photo id card system processes.

This question is debated in many organizations. There are many who feel that the human resource area should be the correct place to issue it badges. They are already responsible for new hire processes and it makes sense to provide an id card in the new hire process. Other reasons human resource departments are selected for this job is that those in the personnel area tend to stay in their jobs longer than other departments. This provides continuity. The human resources area can also follow through with proper procedures to replace a badge when that occurs.

Some people believe that the ID card issuance should come from the security department. They are responsible for security which is the basic reason for an id card. A positive reason for security to handle this function is when the parking deck or buildings require access control. Another reason for security to issue badges is to allow them to control visitors and employees with lost badges from their security location which is often nearby control areas. The negative to this may be that if the volume of employees coming in at the same time is large, the security officers may be tied down allowing for a potential security breach.

Organizational size may play a critical factor in who operates the system. If you are in a small business, there may not be any large department to handle the process. The important thing is to assign the project to a person or group of people who will operate and maintain the process appropriately. The person needs to believe in the importance of the ID card system and can sell its importance to those around them. The ID card system operator choice is just as important as the choice to obtain and ID card system in the first place.

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Preferred ID Card Software

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ID Card Printers – When the Print Ribbon Breaks


It is frustrating to have gotten so far. You have designed the ID card layout and gotten all the approvals. You have obtained all of the custom information about each card, double checked the database of information and gotten the information imported into the ID card software. Pictures for each employee have been matched up with the data and you are ready to go with the print job. Then it happens, the print ribbon in the ID card printer breaks causing the print job to stop. What needs to be done now?

Printer ribbon breakage is a common and frustrating problem wihen trying to complete a badge printing job. It is important to remember that just because a printer ribbon breaks or gets jammed inside of the printer, it is not time to throw the ribbon away. Do not start with a new print ribbon until the old one is used up and ready for the trash. The ribbon that breaks can be rolled forward and cards can continue to be printed with the ribbon until it is used up.

Important tips to keep your printer ribbon from breaking are the following:

1. Keep your printer clean. All printers have cleaning kits designed especially for them. The kit contains cleaning accessories that assist in preventing card feed errors, keeps cards from slipping on dirty rollers and keeps the print head free of dirt that can also cause costly printhead repair.

2. If you have changed the printer driver settings recently, a broken ribbon will remind you to restore the printer driver setting to their original default settings.

3. Some printer models have ribbon sensor collaborations that can be performed through the printer driver. Check with your owners manual to see if this applies to your brand and printer model. If so, take the necessary steps to adjust as directed in your operators guide.

4. Sometimes the card design will cause a print ribbon to break. A card designed with color and information completely to the edge or over the edge of the card can cause ribbon breakage. This breakage can also occur with card designs that are very dark in color.

5. Remember that you can only print on a PVC card one time in full color. If you try to reprint over a card for the second time (on the same side of the card), you will not have clear printing results. This action can also cause a print ribbon to stick to the card as it passes through and break the ribbon.

Safe-Card ID offers plastic ID card printers and ID card software. Toll free technicial help is available with every system purchased from Safe-Card ID.

Asure ID 2009 – How to install the software

If you have just received your copy of Ausre ID 2009, you may want details on how to install the software.

The installation directions are listed below or pictured help is available with a PDF download you will find here.

Install the Asure ID 2009 Software

1. Close down all software programs on your computer and insert eh Asure software installation CD into your computer’s CD drive. The software installer should automatically open.

Follow the on screen procedures to complete the installation.

Select the appropriate language for your installation and set up.

Then click on NEXT to continue the installation process.

2. Read the license agreement and select the I ACCEPT radio button. Then click NEXT.

3. Click NEXT to start the installation of Asure ID 2009.

4. When the software has finished installing, click on FINSH.

Inital Log In Instructions:

Use admin for the User ID and the Password to start. You may change these at a later time.

Select Activate to enter the activation key located on the backside of the software package. If you have downloaded the software from the web or are downloading the Asure ID 2009 Trial Version, select the version and then click CONTINUE. Trial software will remain active for 30 days.

Then fill in the user information which is used if the serial number is ever lost. Enter the license key and select phone activation or activate online.

For instructions on how to change passwords and how to use the program, click on the help button located in the upper right corner of the Asure ID 2009 menu bar.

The 30 day trial downlaod is available from our blog at Asure ID 2009 trial download. Additional information about purchasing Asure ID 2009 Software or learning about the design features of Asure ID 2009 can be found in our website at blog.

Fargo HDP5000 – Ribbon Miscue When Printing A Test Card

We received the following question about an issue with the Fargo HDP5000


I have a HDP5000. When I try to print a test card, the printer gives me a “RIBBON MISCUE”


To print the test card, you need to install the Fargo HDP5000 driver. To do this, follow the steps below.

1. Go to the Start button in Windows.
2. Click on printers and faxes.
3. Find and select the HDP5000 driver and right click.
4. Click on printing preferences.
5. Click on “Toolbox” button.
6. Do a ribbon calibration & film calibration From the toolbox.

Safe-Card ID is a provide of Fargo printers including the Fargo HDP5000 card printer. For more information about ID card printer systems, give our ID card experts a call at 888-485-4696.

Evolis Card Printers – Card Feed Problems


The Evolis ID card printers may have occasion when they will not feed cards from the card hopper. Often, when there are just a few cards in the hopper, the printer will feed fine. When the card hopper is filled with 100 cards, the printer will not take in the card from the card hopper.

The issue is usually not with the Evolis printer. This problem is usually due to the cards themselves. These are the list of things to look for below.

1. Make sure the cards are fanned to get rid of any static. With the extra weight, it sometimes will cause miss feeds.
2. If the card guide is set for 30 mil adjust to a little thicker like 35 mil.
3. Clean the front roller with the advanced cleaning. (Open the lid and press the power button. All rollers will move. Then apply a cleaning card to really clean that intake roller)
4. Check the card feeder the problem might be with the feeder itself.

For additional information about Evolis printers, contact our ID card experts t 704-535-5200.

Persona C30e and Fargo DTC400e enhancements

HID Global has announced new enhancements for the Persona C30e and Fargo DTC400e printers

The enhancements are available as free downloads from the Fargo website. Improvements include the following:

  • Improved control over magnetic strip encoding – With the new Raw Binary Magnetic Encoding option, you have better control of magnetic stripe encoding, including options to add leading zeros or reverse the bit order.
  • Improved JIS ll Magnetic Encoding capability – JIS ll Magnetic Encoding support has been improved to support a wider range of characters, including 0x7e (“~”).
  • More efficient rewritable print jobs – With dual-sided rewritable card support, the printer enables users with dual-sided rewritable cards to erase and print on the front and back of the cards in a single print job, rather than having to send the card through the printer twice.
  • Broader Microsoft Operating System support – The driver is now certified for use with Microsoft Vista 32-bit operating software.

To download the new firmware for these printers, visit the Fargo Support page here.

For more information about Fargo ID card printers, the Persona C30e and the Fargo DTC400e, contact our ID card experts at 888-485-4696.

Fargo HDP5000 Has New Mac Computer Compatibility

Fargo HDP5000

Fargo HDP5000 Printer Update

Fargo is making improvements to their quality ID card printer models.

The Fargo HDP500 is now able to be used by those operating a Mac computer. Recently the enhancement to provide compatibility with the Mac OS X v10.4 and v10.5 drivers became available.

download Download the Fargo developed driver at Fargo support.

For more information about Fargo printers or the Fargo HDP5000, contact our ID experts at 888-485-4696.

Evolis Quantum – Enhanced Printer Now Available

Evolis Quantum Printer Is Now Available

Evolis Quantum

The all new Quantum has the power of a centralized printer system with the flexibility of a desktop printer.

The newest version of the Quantum, the printer to personalize cards in large quantities, is now available. Cards encoded and printed in high volume may include:

  • ID cards
  • Loyalty cards
  • Event passes
  • Student IDs
  • Transport cards
  • Calling cards
  • Banking cards

Known for it’s speed, the Evolis Quantum prints 1000+ cards per hour in monochrome and 135 cards per hour in full color. The printer can include mixing and matching texts, pictures, bar codes, and logos in this speed quarantee. To assist in this output, the printer includes 2 brand-new detachable and interchangeable high-capacity hoppers that store up to 500 cards. Cards can be preloaded in the hoppers and if additional hoppers are needed, they are available.

The printer has a reversible encoding unit that allows versatility to print and encode the same side of a plastic card without flipping the card over. The same printer can print magnetic, smart contact and smart contactless encoded cards.

Here are the main printer specifications:

* Dual-sided printing
* Color and monochrome printing
* Printing throughput: 1000+ cards per hour in monochrome, 125+ cards per hour in color – full card surface
* Encoding of magnetic stripes, contact and contactless smart cards
* Supports Windows Vista and XP. MAC driver is available upon request

For additional information about the Evolis Quantum or other Evolis card printers, contact our ID card experts at 888-485-4696.