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ID Works Software – Connect to a SQL 2008 Database using the OLE DB Connection

Datacard Group has released a free training video demonstrating how to connect your SQL Database to their software by using the OLE DB connection. You will find steps needed to make this connection in their video below.

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ID Works Software – Creating a Record and Printing the Card with ID Works Software

Datacard Group has released free training videos to show how to design an ID card, create a record and print the card using their ID Works software. Following is a free video demonstrating how to print a card through the software.

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Paper Backed and Mylar Backed Adhesive Cards

With the popularity of access cards in so many workplaces, their is often a need to combine both the access card and the photo ID card of the employee. Some access cards can be printed on, however, there are some cards that are non-printable. No matter which of these cards may be yours, there is sometimes a desire to be able to remove the ID card information from the access card at some point in the future.

With the advent of the adhesive card, an access card like the HID access card, can be both access and a custom printed ID. The adhesive card can be printed on using an ID card printer. Just as with a standard 30 ml card, the most ID card printers will print your card design on this 10 ml adhesive card. (Please check your printer owner manual to ensure capability and proper printer settings.

Once the card has completed printing, the paper or mylar backing on the card can be removed and the 10 ml PVC can be adheared to the access card.

For details about the cards, please see our product pages

10 ml Adhesive Cards
10 ml Adhesive Cards with Mylar

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ID Works Software – Creating an Database for Your ID Cards

After your ID card design is completed, you will want to create a database to store the custom information that will be printed on each identification card. The following video from Datacard provides instructions to create the database storing your unique card information.

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ID Works Software – Add a Barcode Field to a Card Design

Datacard has provided a free training video to demonstrate how to add a barcode field to a id card design when using their ID Works software. Steps to add the barcode field can be seen in the video below:

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ID Works Software – How to Add Fields to a Production Template

Need to know how to add text fields and other fields to your card template in ID Works card printing software? Check out this video for step by step instructions.

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Persona C30e – How to Calibrate the Ribbon

To calibrate the ribbon sensor, click the Start button in the lower left corner of your monitor and select Settings. Then select Printers and Faxes. Depending on your installation of Windows, you may need to go to the Control panels and then select Printers.

In the Printers and Faxes window, Right Click on the driver for your printer and select Printing Preferences from the list.

In the Persona C30e Card Printer Printing Preferences window, Select the Calibrate tab and then click the Sensors button.

For the C30 and C30e printers follow the instructions in the Calibration window to calibrate the ribbon sensor. When the calibration is complete, the printer will beep twice.

Note that for the C30 or C30e printer, you must cover the front of the printer before clicking the send button to prevent ambient light from entering the printer as it may negatively impact the ribbon calibration process.

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Evolis Pebble 4 – All the Lights are On

Pebble 4If you are trying to print your custom printed cards on your Evolis Pebble and find you can’t, adjustments are needed to continue printing. If you notice that all of the lights on the printer are lit, follow the steps below to see if the problem can be fixed.

1. Check to see which ribbon is in the printer. Make sure it is a 5 panel YMCKO color ribbon
2. Go to the print queue and clear it out. Once you have cleared the print que out, restart the printer so it starts fresh
3. Open and close the print head. Make sure that the color ribbon is in the correct place upon closure.
4. Check their printer graphics settings. Make sure that the correct ribbon is selected.
5. Once you have done all this, try to print again.

If the steps above turn off the extra lights that are on, you should be able to continue printing. If the problem is not fixed, additional steps are needed to reset the printer. The best thing to do is contact the ID card integrator company that provided you with the printer for technical assistance.

Evolis printers purchased at Safe-Card ID come with free phone technical support for the lifetime of the printer. If you need personalized assistance with your printer, please contact us our technical area with your invoice number and printer serial number. We will be happy to assist you.

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Persona C30e – Wrong Ribbon Error

If you have a wrong ribbon error with your Fargo or Persona C30 or C30e printer, the following procedure can be used adjust the printer driver settings to correct the error.

To correct the wrong ribbon error, on the Printers and Faxes page, right click on the C30 or C30e printer and choose Printing Preferences.

In the Printing Preferences window, choose the Device Options tab.

From within the Device Options tab, select the correct ribbon type. Alternatively, you can select the ribbon type by clicking the Auto Ribbon Select button. After selecting the correct ribbon type, click the OK button. Then stop/close the program from which you are printing and then restart it so that it will recognize the corrected ribbon setting.

If you are not sure of your ribbon type, check the part number on the box the ribbon came in.

For information about Fargo printers or other photo ID card systems, contact our ID card experts at 888-485-4696.