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Fargo DTC550 Printer Head Pressure Adjustment

Head Pressure Adjustment

The following procedures provided from technical support personel are offered to balance the printhead pressure on the DTC-550 series printers. You may need to balance the printhead when the edges of the top or bottom of the the plastic ID card print too light.

Warning! Remove all jewelry, rings, watches, bracelets etc. from your wrists and hands before beginning work with the printhead. The printing edge is extremely fragile and is easily damaged. It is strongly advised that you work in a static protected area.

Loosen but, do not remove, the two peel off bar hold down screws. DO NOT let the peel-off bar come into contact with the printing edge as it may result in damage that can seriously affect print quality.
Fargo DTC550 Printhead

To balance the printhead pressure, either lower the end of the printhead that is printing light or raise the opposite end of the printhead. Typically, the printhead is assembled with the print edge at its lowest point making it necessary to raise the end of the print edge that is opposite the light edge. Usually about 1/64 of an inch is sufficient. Raising or lowering the print edge too much will result in a light edge on the opposite side of the card.

After loosening the two peel off bar hold down screws, only loosen the printhead mounting screw on the end of the printhead that you wish to raise or lower. DO NOT loosen the other printhead mounting screw.
Fargo DTC550 Print Head

Using a small pocket sized screwdriver, carefully pry the head of the loosened printhead mounting screw to raise or lower that end of the printhead.
Fargo DTC550 printhead
Fargo DTC500 printhead

After balancing the printhead pressure it may be necessary to adjust the ribbon peel-off bar to maximize print quality.

Please consult with the ID card integrator technical support area where you purchased your printer to obtain assistance for your specific printer issue prior to adjustment. For information about the Fargo DTC550 and current Fargo printers, contact our ID Card experts at 888-485-4696.

Download the Fargo HDP5000 Driver for Apple OS X Operating Systems

If you are operating a Mac computer and a Fargo HDP5000 ID card printer, you will need to download the Mac driver for the HDP5000 card printer. Standard drivers included with the printer are for PC computers. Directions from HID Global tech support for the Mac driver download are as follows:

1. Open your web browser and go to

2. On the HID support web page, select the HDP5000 card printer from the dropdown list.

3. After selecting the printer choice from the “What type of product?” list, a new list, “For what product”, will appear. Select HDP5000 from this list.

4. After selecting the HDP5000 printer, click the Go button.

5. Under the printer driver section, scroll down to the HDP5000 Macintosh Driver and click in it to download the driver.

6. Select the Save file and click the OK button. Your web browser settings will determine where the file is downloaded on your computer.

7. When the HDP5000 V1[1] finishes, you can close the Downloads window.

For more information about the Fargo HDP5000 printer or other Fargo printer models, contact our ID card experts at 888-485-4696.

ID Flow Software – Configuring Enrollment

The above video illustrates how to enter information for card printing and how to configure your workstation.

To start enrollment, there are three simple common steps:
1. Enter personal information
2. Capture the photo
3. Print the ID card by clicking on the Print Badge button.

How to Assign Global Settings for Cardholder Groups
1. Click the properties button on the main menu.
2. Select the enrollment tab

We can initialize default values in some software editions.
Initiate the date field with the current date and time.
Duplicate record checks can be performed.
a. Define the matching criteria
b. When a match is found you can add a new record, use the existing record or merge records.

3. ID Flow can use optical character recognition to scan a license, passport or business card.

a. Click configure.
b. Align the scanner fields with the database field.

4. Configure the photo acquisition.
5. Configure the signature capture and fingerprint capture.
6. Access control editions if ID Flow will allow you to configure access control and issues activated cards.
7. Set the card printing rules. Click the badge printing tab.

Name the rule. Click the parameters frame. Click the elliptical button. Create a filter.

8. Record fields can be updated after a card is printed.
9. ID Flow will let you know if you have left any configured features unconfigured.
10. Finished completing the process for the cardholder group.

Configure this workstation’s enrollment steps and devices
1. Click setup.
2. Select configure workstation settings.
3. Click enrollment task link.
4. Enable steps and configure.
5. Select your camera.
6. Download add on modules for the cameras and scanning devises from This allows flash cameras and auto cropping features with some editions.
7. For pictures, choose the width – height ration and crop box tightness.
8. Select your printer.
9. Disable steps not used in this workstation.
10. You are read to begin enrolling members and issuing ID cards.
11. Find record, run enrollment for step by step process.

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How to Network Jolly Products
Download ID Flow Trial Software to try before you buy.

For additional information about ID Flow or other ID badge software options, contact our ID card experts at 888-485-4696.

Jolly Software Upgrades Announced

Jolly has announced an updated version of their software ID Flow, Lobby Track, Label Flow and Asset Track to version 5.03. There are many highlights and features of this new version that will provide premium features that will enhance user experience. Updated features include:

Features Added:
– Support for S2 Access Control System
– Support for DSX Access Control System
– Support for Topaz optical fingerprint scanners
– Link Lobby Track user accounts to Active Directory user accounts
– Improved Oracle support
– Populate record forms by scanning the 2D barcode or magnetic stripe on a North American driver’s license or ID card

– Configure multiple Active Directory searches for Host Lookup
– Improved support for non-western languages and fonts including Arabic, Cyrillic, Greek, Hebrew and Turkish
– Improved the automatic image reduction feature to support bitmap images
– Enhancement of Topaz signature cropping
– Improved image path support for certain TIF and JPEG images
– Display a results summary after record import
– Support for a 15 digit UID default value
– Attendance log fix for PCs configured to use a comma character instead of a decimal point

The Jolly software upgrade, including ID Flow version 5.03, is available to all supported customers at no additional charge. Customers with earlier releases should contact one of our ID card experts for upgrade details. Assistance with this and other ID card software products is available toll free at 888-485-4696.

ID Flow Software – Importing Card Designs

If enabled, the configure workstation screen will show at startup. Select launch set up wizard.
or Select setup and then click run set up wizard.
Click Next.
Name the card holder group.
Say yes to import ID design. Browse and select the template you created in the ID Flow Card Designer.
Click the open button. You have the option to use the database the card was designed with or you can use a different database.
Note that if the database is changed, the fields in the template may be affected if they are named differently.
A copy of the design has been imported. Note that if the original is changed, it will need to be re imported for changes to take effect.
Changes can be made to the imported design within the ID card issue center.
Advanced settings globally applied to all work stations accessing this card holder group.
Preview of the design can be used to represent the card holder group by clicking the generate button.
You may import any other graphics or you can leave it blank.
The Record Lookup Tab – allows you to define lookup fields
Enrollment Tab – Define the enrollment steps. Here we can enable the photo step.
Badge Printing Tab – Create print rules and update fields after a record is printed in some editions. Select edits to make changes to the card design .
Logs and Reports Tab – Select in which database the fields are logged.

Workstation Configuration You can designate tasks specific to this workstation. You can configure your workstation settings.

Main Menu – can change the back ground image
Enrollment – select camera and printer
Find Record – provides lookup options. Click ok once your changes are completed and click finish. You may set up unlimited designs and configure unlimited databases.

Additional ID Flow Training Videos:
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For additional information about ID Flow or other ID Card Software, contact our ID card experts at 888-485-4696.

ID Works Software – Trial Download

ID Works Evaluation Software v6.5

Datacard invites you to test drive the next generation in card design and production software. This software allows for card and reporting design and production. Easy to use, this software offers many powerful features. Because it has a flexible, modular design, you can select just the right components needed for your printing processes.

Download a evaluation copy of the Datacard® ID Works® identification software here.

For additional information about Datacard printer models or other ID badge printer information, contact our ID card experts at 888-485-4696.

ID Flow Software – Working with Images

ID Flow Software is capable of designing quality, custom ID badges. This video illustrates how to work with images when using the software to design a card.


How to Insert Images Into your ID Card Template

Insert a Fixed Image from a File.

Click the colored image tool.

With your mouse, draw the approximate image area.

Select fixed image from the file.

Then, browse to select your image. More than 20 image file types are supported.

Click the select button.

Click OK.

Add A Background to Your Card

Double click off to the side of your template or click the document properties icon.

Check background image. 

Then, browse and select the file.


Import the background image as a seperate layer to use blending effects.

Click show layers.

Click the plus button to add another layer.

Then, click the down arrow to move the layer under other layers.  Design layers stack like sheets of paper.

Click the image tool and draw an image box.

Select the fixed image from file.

Browse and select the image  file.

On the properties tab, uncheck the maintain aspect ratio.

Click ok.

Use the stretching tool to stretch the image to the borders of the template.

The opacity of the image can be controlled in the layers dialog.

Variable Image from the Database

Hold the shift key down while you draw the image area and you will draw a perfect square.

Select variable image from the database.

Select your image field. In this instance it is photo.

Select the live data checkbox to see the template with the database record.

If the image background is reasonably consistent, it can be removed.

Double click on the image.

On the properties tab, check remove background and give the feature a tolerance.  About 10 usualy works well.

Background removal works best with images are take with a blue or green screen backdrop.

Hold the shift key down to resize while retaining aspect.

Alignment tools help you place your objects

Repeat the background removal process to remove the background from the logo.

Alternatively, variable images may be pulled from a file. Select variable image from file or internet.

Click insert folder path and insert folder.  Insert the database field or fields by which the image is named. In this case the image was named by first and last name.

Lastly, be sure to include the images file extension.

Images Obtained at Print Time.

Draw the image place holder.

Select image captured or  selected at print time.

To preconfigure a capture device, select advanced options and select the camera or capture device.

The placeholder will appear on the template.  You will be prompted to take a photo during the print process.

The photo will not be stored anywhere and will not able to be reprinted.

Additional ID Flow Training Videos:
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Safe-Card ID provides photo ID card systems, ID card printers, ID card software, PVC cards and ID badge holders and other ID card supplies. Contact us at 888-485-4696. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Upgrade Persona C30e printers using the Fargo Workbench Utility

Following are instructions to update the Fargo C30e printers using the Fargo Workbench Utility.

1. Click the round Application button in the upper left corner of the Workbench Utility and choose “Upgrade Firmware”

2. Click the “Browse” button to browse to the firmware file. Be sure the file has been unzipped.

3. Select the firmware file and click the “Open”

4. Make sure that your printer is connected to the PC and that the print queue is empty. Then click the “OK”. The Upgrade process should proceed automatically.

For more information about Fargo ID card printers or other photo ID card systems, contact our ID card experts at 888-485-4696.

Fargo C30e – How to Install a Printer Driver

This guide shows how to install a Fargo USB printer driver using a Fargo C30e printer. The steps are very similar for all Fargo USB printers.

1. Begin by unzipping the downloaded printer driver. Use the Windows Explorer to browse to the location you downloaded the printer driver.

2. Right click the file name and choose Extract All…

3. On the Extraction Wizard, click the “Next” button.

4. Browse to the folder where you want to store the unzipped printer driver file. If you choose the default, the driver will uninstall into a subfolder of the folder where the zipped file is located. A password is not required to unzip the file. Click the “Next” button.

5. When the unzip process is complete, click the “Finish” button.

6. Verify that the USB cable is not connected to the printer.

7. Verify the file has unzipped. The extracted file should be displayed similar to the example below. Double click the symbol to the left of the driver name.

8. Click the “Run” button to begin the installation of the printer driver.

9. The InstallAware Wizard window will appear as the installer prepares to install the necessary printer driver files.

10. In the language dialog box, choose the language you wish the printer driver to use.

11. When the Collecting Information is finished, click the “Next” button.

12. In the printer connection window select “Local Connection (USB:)” and then click the “Next” button.

13. When the Ready to install window appears, click the “Next” button.

14. When the Plug and Play window appears, connect the USB cable to the PC and the Printer. If the printer is not already on, turn it on. Connect the power at this point if it is not already connected.

NOTE: If at this point the Windows Printer Wizard appears, click here for helpful information.

15. Before you can use the printer you will need to restart your PC. If you do not want to restart at this time, uncheck the “Reboot computer now” check-box. Click the “Finish” button to complete the printer driver installation.

16. To verify that the driver is installed you can check for the driver name in the Control Panel’s Add or Remove Programs list.

This completes the printer driver installation.

Fargo C30e – Downloading the Printer Driver

To download the current printer driver, firmware and Workbench utility for the Fargo and Persona printers, visit the HID tech support website to obtain the most current version of the files. They can be downloaded here.

1. Under “What type of product” select “printer” from the drop down list.

2. Find your printer model by scrolling down the model options. Choose your printer model from the “For what product” list and click the “Go” button. If you have an older printer that is not on the list, choose “Other” at the bottom of the list. Be sure to choose the correct printer model.

3.  Click on the Windows printer driver to download it.

4.  Click the Save button.

5.  Browse to the folder where you want to save the downloaded file and click the Save button.

6.  Repeat the above steps to download the “Persona C30e Firmware Windows/Linux” and if it is not already installed on your system, download the “Workbench”.

7.  Additional blog posts will be coming for installing the printer driver, firmware and workbench.

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