Badge Printers

An ID badge printer is part of an ID-card system which makes professional ID badges for employees, contractors and visitors. Current trends are to print badges on PVC cards the size of a credit card or driver’s license. Basic ID badges can be made with a card holder’s photo, name and title or complex badges may be needed to allow the card holder to access certain secure areas and log on to secure networks.

A badge printer takes the information provided from a ID-card software program and delivers the output in the form of a printed card. The printer is able to print photos, text, logos, bar codes and other features if inputted in the commands from the software. The correct print ribbon will print out full color badges, or single color if needed.

The badge printer models on the market vary in options and warranties. Many models print only the front side of the badge. Other models print the front side and then flip the card over to print the back side prior to card extraction.

Some modules on higher end badge printers provide a lamination station that will place a secure clear or designed hologram on the card. This prevents counterfeiting or tampering with the card. Other modules will provide encoding of a magnetic strip on the back of the card, or of a proximity or smart-card chip embedded in or on the card.

Badge printers, today, will print thousands of cards throughout their lifetime if maintained according to manufacturers’ instructions.

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