Badge Reels

Badge reels are a favorite badge holder for many organizations. Badge reels are designed to keep cards within easy reach, but out of the way so they do not interfere with daily activities. The badge is held securely in a known place. The badge is easily displayed and is easily accessible for access purposes.

Badge reels are a small plastic compartment with a clip to attach the reel to clothing. The spring loaded nylon cord is neatly tucked into the reel until needed. With a small tug on the card, the badge is released and can extend with the cord to be used. The cord found in all models is sturdy and resistant to breakage.

Badge reels are useful in difficult environments. The reel will hold the badge out of the way and will not get tangled in machinery like other badge attachment options.

Another use for badge reels is to give away custom printed badge reels with your logo. Many companies have found this to be an effective way to market their organization.

Additional badge attachments such as lanyards, badge clips and magentic badge holders, or other badge attachments may be right for you. With over 3000 attachment varieties, there is sure to be something perfect for your situation.

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