Batch Printing

Many small organizations print a member or employee badge every few days. Some organizations print a number of badges at one time. Often, the group has a database of card holder information that is imported into the design software to make multiple badges. An example of this may be a school at the start of a school year or a convention requiring id badges for event access.

Batch printing, in the id card world, means the following. The data is accumulated prior to the badge printing. The data is then entered at one time into the computer and badge design software. The data is merged with the preset design. The printing can then begin. Instead of choosing to print a card at a time, the card machine operator can choose to badge print the job. This allows the software to transfer a number of badges to the printer for printing without selecting and monitoring the printing of each badge.

This process saves time for the person making badges allowing additional productive tasks in their day.

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