The cardstock put into an id card printer must meet certain requirements in order to produce consistant high quality cards time after time.

First of all, the cards must be of the right dimensions. The standard PVC card used for id cards is the CR-80 card.

Once the correct size card is located, it is critical that the cards are high quality and clean so that the printer is not damaged and the card output is the best possible. Following are some things to pay attention to when obtaining new cards for your printing needs.

1. Look for jagged edges on the card. Some manufacturers may use production methods that do not make a sharp cut during the card punching process. An example of this, may be using a dull card die. The rough, jagged edges that result are not friendly to the id card printer process.

2. Dirty card surfaces. Some manufacturers may have loose quality control in their card production area. Dirt and debries in the production room tend to cling to the cards produced. The residue will adhere to the card and may become trapped in the card during the printing process. The dirt may appear in the print causing an unprofessional look to the card.

3. Burrs on the card edge. The additional plastic or rough edge that is found on some pvc cards of lower quality can cause problems with a smooth ribbon pass or issues with the printhead. With the chance of a high cost of printhead replacement, these cards should not be used in the id card printer.

Safe-Card ID provides id card printer systems and supplies to make simple and complex id cards. PVC cards of all types can be found on our website or located through our id card experts expecting to hear from you.

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