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Asure ID Software – Version 7.5.n

HID Global has recently updated Asure ID to version 7.5. The program can be downloaded online directly from HID, and is available as a free update for currently licensed users of Asure ID 2009, and Asure ID 7.x (users of Asure ID 5.x, please contact us for special upgrade pricing!).  For help installing the update and accessing new shortcuts and functions of Asure ID 7.5, HID has provided an updated user guide, which many users will find helpful. The update targets increased functionality and support for HID’s ever-expanding ecosystem.asure-id-7-solo Some highlights follow.

HID has updated the toolbar and application sidebar to more closely mirror recent Windows updates, making it more familiar for Windows users, as well as to accommodate the iClass SE Encoder capabilities. In addition, they have expanded database support, improved the configuration wizard for LDAP, enhanced template binding and Active Directory database connections, and expanded options for encoding timeout settings. These updates allow for increased customization and ease of use for database managers.

Data entry and management have become easier with Asure ID 7.5 too. Users can now save font sizes and font types for both table and record views, further increasing customization options. HID has introduced keystrokes to simplify data entry, including the capability to use the shift key to highlight multiple records. Asure ID 7.5 remembers the last crop location and size to make it easier to manipulate photographs and quickly produce photo IDs, extremely useful when the user’s image location is fixed. Additionally, a quick filter feature has been added to allow users to specify the order of entries. All of these updates aid in smoother, quicker data entry and management of databases and data records.

As HID expands their ecosystem to include embedded (within FARGO printers) and standalone iClass SE Encoders, they have updated Asure ID to allow for easier access control integration. Asure ID 7.5 enables users to utilize all of the features of the iClass SE Encoder, including the ability to register card data to compatible access control programs directly from the Asure ID, and to manage new card types.

As always, if you need assistance applying these updates, or if you should have any questions, you can call and speak with our experts at +1 888.485.4696 or +1 704.535.5200. We are always glad to help!

Asure ID 7 Video by HID

HID has released a video illustrating the best features of their Asure ID 7 software. This software allows organizations to design and print custom ID cards that meet the specific organizational requirements. For a quick four minute overview, please view the following video.

If you need specific information about this software and how it may apply to your application, please contact our ID card experts at 888-485-4696. We would be happy to ensure that you select the correct version to provide just the cards you need.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Asure ID 2009 Software and Windows 7

Asure ID 2009

Asure ID 2009 Software is now improved. There is a service pack that will allow Asure Software to work with 64 bit. This will allow the software to work with Windows 7 64 bit computer systems. The service pack is ready for download.

Click here for the .exe file

For additional information about Asure ID 2009 software or for a trial version of the software, contact our ID card experts at 888-485-4696.

Asure ID 2009 – How to install the software

If you have just received your copy of Ausre ID 2009, you may want details on how to install the software.

The installation directions are listed below or pictured help is available with a PDF download you will find here.

Install the Asure ID 2009 Software

1. Close down all software programs on your computer and insert eh Asure software installation CD into your computer’s CD drive. The software installer should automatically open.

Follow the on screen procedures to complete the installation.

Select the appropriate language for your installation and set up.

Then click on NEXT to continue the installation process.

2. Read the license agreement and select the I ACCEPT radio button. Then click NEXT.

3. Click NEXT to start the installation of Asure ID 2009.

4. When the software has finished installing, click on FINSH.

Inital Log In Instructions:

Use admin for the User ID and the Password to start. You may change these at a later time.

Select Activate to enter the activation key located on the backside of the software package. If you have downloaded the software from the web or are downloading the Asure ID 2009 Trial Version, select the version and then click CONTINUE. Trial software will remain active for 30 days.

Then fill in the user information which is used if the serial number is ever lost. Enter the license key and select phone activation or activate online.

For instructions on how to change passwords and how to use the program, click on the help button located in the upper right corner of the Asure ID 2009 menu bar.

The 30 day trial downlaod is available from our blog at Asure ID 2009 trial download. Additional information about purchasing Asure ID 2009 Software or learning about the design features of Asure ID 2009 can be found in our website at blog.

Asure ID 2009 Software – Using SQL as the Native Database

Setting up Asure 2009 to use SQL as the Native database:

The first thing that needs to be done is have the SQL Database Administrator create a database instance for Asure 2009 to use. The security setting for the database needs to be set by the SQL Database Administrator. They need to grant full read/write privileges to the database instance.

On that instance the SQL Database Administrator needs to run the table creation script. The script can be found at the location shown in the following screen shot:

Once the script has been run to create the tables Asure 2009 can now be connected to the database. Under the start menu, choose the “Data Connection Wizard” as shown below:

This will start the wizard to connect Asure 2009 to the SQL Database.

Below is the first screen for the wizard:

Click next to continue setting up the customer database configuration for Asure 2009.

The next screenshot is the wizard asking what type of custom database Asure 2009 will be connected to:

In this example choose “Microsoft SQL Server” and click “Next”.

The following screen shot is the actual set up screen of the wizard. This is the general data connect window for SQL Server:

Under “Server Name” the name of the SQL Server needs to be entered. Then under “Initial Catalog” type in the name of the Database Instance that the SQL Database Administrator set up for Asure 2009 to use. The “User Name and Password” should be provided to you by your SQL Database Admin. These can either be specified user names and passwords or it can be set up to “Use Integrated Security”. This means that who ever logged on to the computer has access to the database.

Once it is all filled out, click “Next”.

The wizard is now complete.

You can click the “Test” button to test the connection to the SQL Database.

Once you have verified the connection click “OK”.

The following screen will be back up again:

Click “Finish” to exit the wizard.
The log in for Asure 2009 now that it is connected to the SQL Database is:
User Name: admin
Password: admin

Safe-Card ID provides ID card printers and ID card software including Asure ID Software. Contact our ID card experts at 888-485-4696 for purchasing information.

Installing Asure 2009 ID Software

Installing Asure ID 2009

Place the CD in the computer and it should start automatically. If it does not start browse to the CD ROM drive and run the “Asure_ID_2009_Setup.exe”.

Here is the initial screen that is given:

Select the language the software is to be installed in and click “OK” Next the following screen is presented:

If the system is missing required pre-requisites the software will be loading them, click
“Next” to load the pre-requisites.

The following screen shot shows the first screen of the actual loading of the software. Keep in mind, that if the computer already has all of the pre-requisites installed this will be the screen shown after the start of the installation:

Click “Next” to begin installing the software on the computer.

The following window is displayed next:

This is the Software License Agreement, the Terms of the Agreement MUST be accepted to continue with the installation.

This is the final screen before the files are copied to the computer:

Click “Next” to start copying the files to the computer.

This is the final screen shot showing that the software has been installed and is now ready to use. Please make reference to the Note on this screen:

“The User ID and Password to use on first use is “admin””.

Click “Finish” to exit the installation program.

Asure ID 2009 Software Video

HID Global has released a video demonstrating the features of the new Asure ID 2009 video.

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Asure ID 2009 Software – Default Password

Following is a question from a customer to our technical department:

What is the default password for the Asure id 2009 software?

Our techncial area replied with the following information to answer the question:

1. The default information that comes with the initial installation of the Asure ID 2009 software is:

user name= admin
password= admin

2. The above factory specifications are able to be changed. When setting up the software you are provided opportunity to set up users and change passwords. If you are logged into the software at a later time as the administrator, you are also provided authorization to set up additional users and change passwords.

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