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Installing eMedia Card Designer on Windows Vista/Windows 7 operating systems

Steps for Installing eMedia Card Designer

Step 1 Once you put the software CD in the DVD disk drive and the auto play box pops up. Click on the “Open folder to view files” option. Then double click on the “Emedia” file folder (see red arrow image).

Step 2. Right click on the step up file and click on “Run as administrator” (see below). You will then be prompted to enter the Admin’s user name and password. (Note: If you do not have administrator rights, you will need to contact your administrator to have them enter in the Admin’s user name and password for that computer. ) Run through the InstallSheild wizard then click finish.

Step 3 After installation, go to the start menu and double click “eMedia Card designer” program. If an “Unexpected error; quitting” error message appears, just click on the “OK” button to close the message box.

Step 4 You will then need to restart the eMedia Card Designer program from the administrator account. To do so…

• Open Windows Explorer and browse to the folder where eMedia Card Designer has been installed (commonly the “c:\Program Files\eMedia” folder).
• Right-click on the eMedia.exe file and select in the popup menu: “Run as administrator”. You will then be prompted to enter the Admin’s user name and password again. Then the eMedia Card Designer will be launched and appear on your screen.
• When the software is ready, stop it. Once this has been done, the software can be launched from any user account having the authorization to do so.

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