Fargo Ribbon Compatibility – C30 and DTC400 Series Printers

The new Fargo DTC series printers, the Fargo DTC1000 and Fargo DTC4000 printers have printer ribbons that can not be used straight out of the box in older Persona C30 and Fargo DTC400 card printers. With a firmware update, however, these older printer models can be updated so that they are able to print with […]

Persona C30e – How to Calibrate the Ribbon

To calibrate the ribbon sensor, click the Start button in the lower left corner of your monitor and select Settings. Then select Printers and Faxes. Depending on your installation of Windows, you may need to go to the Control panels and then select Printers.

In the Printers and Faxes window, Right Click on the […]

Persona C30e – Wrong Ribbon Error

If you have a wrong ribbon error with your Fargo or Persona C30 or C30e printer, the following procedure can be used adjust the printer driver settings to correct the error.

To correct the wrong ribbon error, on the Printers and Faxes page, right click on the C30 or C30e printer and choose Printing Preferences.


Barcode Printing Inconsistently with a Fargo DTC550

If your printing with a Fargo DTC500 printer and your bar code printing is not consistent, you may need to follow this tip:

The light printing of the black in the barcodes is caused by the angle of the printhead being to small. Note that the barcode darkens to normal as the print approaches the […]

Fargo DTC500 With a Ribbon Peel Off Bar Line

Our Fargo technical representatives are sharing some common issues with ID card printing. If the following picture looks like the card printing problem you are having, the ribbon peel off bar may need adjustment.

The dark area at the beginning of the card is caused by the “Ribbon Peel-Off Bar” being adjusted too low. […]

Fargo DTC500 Prints A Light Bar Code

Printing ID cards sometimes is difficult as the exact card specifications are critical to the success of the identification program. One important printing requirement is a correct, dark version of the provided bar code. If your bar code is not meeting your requirements, check out the pictures below and see if your problem is displayed. […]

Fargo DTC550 Printer Prints ID Cards with Smudges

When an ID card is printed, sometimes it enters the output hopper with smudges appearing to be fingerprints. If you are wondering what to do, the following may provide the answer for you.

If your card looks like this:

You need to know that the white smudge marks are caused by contamination on the […]

Fargo DTC550 Printer Prints ID Cards with Pink Streaks

The pink lines on this card are caused by the Ribbon Peel-Off Bar being too high on the lower edge of the card (side towards the front of the printer).

The pink lines on this card are caused by the Ribbon Peel-Off Bar being too high on the upper edge of the […]

Fargo DTC500 Printer Prints with Incorrect Image Placement

Occasionally, someone who is printing ID cards will have an issue with the beginning of the card design starting somewhere after the front edge of the plastic ID card. There is a strip of white that is left prior to the beginning of the colored badge design. A picture of what this might look like […]

Fargo DTC500 Printer Prints with White Pixel Lines Across the ID Card

It is common for our technical staff to hear a customer call and wonder why there is a white clear line across the ID cards that they are printing with their ID card printer. Following are pictures of two types of white lines on printed ID cards.

The white line in the above picture […]