Cheap ID Card Printer

In these economic times, it is important for financial prudence when making new purchases for a small or large business. Although times are tight, continued purchases are necessary to continue to business operations. Security is one of those areas where a financial allotment must be made to maintain private facilities and confidential organizational information

One way Safe-Card ID is able to help in these belt tightening times is in the availability of reduced priced id card printers and printer systems. We have a number of printers available on a consistant basis that provide quality id badge production at reduced costs. Cheap ID card printer and printer systems are available though our rebox program.

These printers are new printers that have been taken out of their original packaging for various reasons. The printers have not been used, but have been reboxed and restocked for reduced cost. Some printer manufacturers will provide a full manufacturer warranty from the date of end user purchase on these exceptional value printers.

Current id card printers available under this program are available from our id card experts that can be reached toll free at 888-485-4696. Our id card printer manufacturers are: Fargo, Evolis, Zebra, Datacard, CIM and Magicard.

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