Child ID Kit

Safety of a child is one of the greatest concerns of a parent. In fact, that is one of the founding reasons that Safe-Card ID began. Parents of children were concerned about the safety of their children at an amusement park. It was important to have the child equiped with a secure form of identification and also have information readily available to authorities should the child stray from adults in charge.

The child id kit developed by Safe-Card ID was the result. The kit contains a self laminated id card that a parent/guardian can complete with a child’s picture and personal information. The card can be carried by the parent in their wallet or purse to assist in locating a missing child in a public place. The card is also useful for travel and other places that a child may need to show some type of id.

Another part of the kit is a patented, sealed shoe tag. The child is able to lace this through their shoelaces. Inside the parent can place information about how to contact parents, doctors and list allergies or medical issues specific for that child. If an injured child is located, one of the first things a trained medical person checks for is identification. The person can quickly cut open the tag and locate important information inside.

The kit also contains a fingerprint card where the parent can take and keep a 10 print fingerprint of the child. Fingerprints do not change and so keeping a copy on file in a safe place may be important in case of emergency.

For additional information about the child id kit or child id events held in the North Carolina area, contact us at 888-485-4696. We also recommend the IdentAKey program as another family safety product.

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