Child Identification

Children are known for exploring their world on foot or on bike. Meeting friends in the neighborhood and spending time together playing football or riding bikes satisfies most children.

The majority of times outside play occurs, the child returns home worn out, hungry and ready to relax with a simple indoor activity. Occasionally, however, there are issues that require a parent/guardian to think about how a child might be identified and a parent contacted if complications happen. Sometimes a child is unable to return home without assistance from an adult. An example of this may be if a child is allergic to bee stings and happens to be stung. If a child falls off of a bike and is injured to the point they are not mobile is another situation that child identification is important.

Parents do not want child identification information displayed on a child for anyone to see, however an authority or someone who is helping the child needs to locate a parent and know if there is any critical medical issue that may need to be attended to.

To provide protected information, Safe-Card ID provides a sealed child identification packet that can be attached to the child’s shoe laces. The packet contains an internal information area that a parent can document information important to the individual child. There are spaces for the child’s name, address, parent name, doctor information and allergies. Any or all of the blanks can be filled out as needed. The information is sealed in a waterproof laminate and is not available to a stranger without snipping the packet with scissors following the directions on the outside of the packet to obtain needed information about the child.

A parent may also wish to carry a form of child identification to use in case of a missing child. It is possible, with child id kits, to document physical information about a child and attach a current picture for use if a child is lost. Our compact child id card contains spaces for a picture, fingerprint and personal information. The card is small enough to easily fit into a wallet and can be carried by the parent at all times to provide additional safety measures in case of a missing child.

For additional information about child identification or child id events held in the North Carolina area, contact us at 888-485-4696. We also recommend the IdentAKey program as another family safety product.

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