CR-79 Cardstock

The CR-79 cardstock is a medium durability card that has a glossy PVC laminate on the top and the bottom of the card. The card is smaller than the standard CR-80 card. The CR-79 card is often used for converting proximity cards into a multfuntion card including identification. The card fits just inside the edge of the CR-80 sized prox card and provides a printable surface for all proximity manufactured cards.

The size of the CR-79 card is 3.313″L x 2.063″W/ 84.14.mmL x 52.39 mmW. CR-79 cards are typically 10 ml thick. They are manufactured with adhesive backing for a thickness of 20 ml when passing through the id card printer. Once printed, the backing can be removed at the card pressed on to the surface of the proximity card for dual use.

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