CR-79 Overlay Cards

The CR-79 overlay card is a medium durability PVC card that has a gloss image-grade finish on the printable top side, and a removable adhesive overlay on the reverse side. These cards are slightly smaller than standard CR-80 cards. The CR-79 card is most often used to add a photo identification overlay to “clamshell” style proximity access cards. They can also be used with ISO printable prox-cards, allowing for re-issuance and re-use of these cards, in the event of staff turnover. Because it is slightly smaller in length and width that the clamshell and CR80 ISO printable cards, the CR79 overlay card fits just inside the edges of these other cards, allowing a for a clean, finished look.

CR79 cards are manufactured with adhesive backing for a thickness of 20 mil (0.020″) when passing through an ID card printer. Once printed, the backing can be removed at the card pressed on to the surface of the proximity card. The size of the CR79 card with adhesive removed is 3.313″ L x 2.063″ W ( x 52.39 mm), and 10 mil thick (0.010″ / 0.254mm).

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