Custom ID Cards

custom id

Identification is more important than ever. The majority of businesses and groups are now providing members, employees, students and even visitors a membership card that identifies the individual cardholder as a valid member with specific access to the groups functions.

Although there are off the shelf ways of making an id card through local office supply stores, the current professional standard is a colorful, graphic 30 ml PVC card that looks and feels like your VISA or Mastercard. The card often has a slot punch in the top of the badge for wearing during required timeframes.

The card is designed through id card software that allows importing of images and graphics. The layout is able to be adjusted and saved for current and future badge printing. Upon need of a card, the database can be pulled up with the current card layout and needed badges produced. Some service bureau companies will save the data for badges printed and are able to reprint the custom badge rather quickly with the saved data.

For specific information about custom id cards for a group or organization, contact our id card experts at 888-485-4696. They will be able to provide information about service bureau id cards and about systems that allow cards to be made onsite.

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