Employee ID Badges

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Making employee ID badges is an important task that every business organization needs to consider as a routine in their office. Benefits of wearing or carrying id badges are many.

Following are some of the positive features of this system:

  • Identifies the person as an employee of the company.
  • Identifies the division or title of the person.
  • Security of the facility is provided.
  • Enables a sense of community within the office.
  • Can multifunction as an access badge for secure area access.
  • Can multifunction with time and attendance
  • An entry level id card system includes a PVC card printer, badge software, cards and ribbon supplies. Photo id systems include a camera and some systems include a slot punch and badge attachments for the ability of card holders to wear the badge.

    More advanced features are available on id printers for businesses that need extra security options on the badge, such as holograms. Magnetic stripe encoders are also popular options on most all current id card printers. Smart cards, proximity cards and cards with biometrics can also be integrated with the id card using ID card printers and without replacing your current security systems.

    With a id card printer system from Safe-Card ID, we can help you create and manage your id cards and a database full of information needed to keep on file for employees, visitors and contract workers. Contact us toll free for a complementary consultation from one of our id card experts.

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