Employee IDs

Companies can benefit from employee IDs in increased safety, security, efficiency and productivity. With the implementation of id badges, every employee, contract worker, volunteer and visitor can wear an identification card to verify authenticity in the workplace.

Employee id badges are used to build community in the workplace. As simple nametags at an event assist socially, name badges in large organizations are often employee IDs. The ID can be used to enhance security measures of the company. The card can be for simple visual identification or can range into complex access control systems set up by the security area of the company. Cards can also be used to access the business network from inside the company premises or from on the road.

Organizations utilize a number of capabilities for access control. Whether the card uses a bar code, mag stripe or embedded information, the employee id card can be completed with a photo id card printer system available from our online store or id card specialists. Our systems normally can be integrated seamlessly into your current system for enhanced use.

If you wish to use a database for your employee information, our id card software packages fully utilize a central image database. With information and images tracked in a database, the company can print identification cards as well as use the information for other software program applications within the company. With the database, the human resource or security area can quickly reissue cards that are damaged or use the database capabilities to verify employment for those employees who arrive at work without their identification.

The basic system for a photo id card printer set up includes an id card printer, card design software, camera, PVC cards and print ribbons. Additional items, such as a slot punch and badge attachments may be needed if the employees will be wearing their badges. Badge attachments may be simple badge clips or may include customized options available to meet your job requirements.

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