Evolis Card Printers – How to load PVC Cards

The following steps will make loading PVC cards into an Evolis ID card printer  with a card feeder a breeze:

1.  Gently press on the sides of the card feeder to lift it out of the printer.

2.  Turn over the card feeder to access the bottom of the feeder.

3.  Drop the plate and insert the number of cards needed to place in the printer.

4.  Adjust the handle from right to left to make sure that the correct thickness of the cards will run through the machine.

5.  Place the card feeder back into the printer.

6. When the feeder is snapped back into the printer correctly, you will hear a click.

7.  Print PVC cards per your badge design.

For more information about Evolis ID card printers, visit our Evolis Tattoo, Evolis Pebble, Evolis Dualys, Evolis Quantum or Evolis Securion product pages.  For a free consultation regarding what printer would be the best fit for your application, contact us toll free at 888-485-4696.

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