Fargo C30e

Persona C30e

The Fargo C30e (Persona C30e) printer is the enhanced version of the solid quality Persona C30 printer that has been on the market for a few years. This printer is available in single and dual sided models and is labled as simple and reliable.

Small companies, schools, membership cards, loyalty cards, access card printing, and passes are some uses for this plastic id card printer. Where high security features aren’t needed on the printer or the id badges, the Fargo C30e (or Persona C30e) is the perfect choice.

New features on this Persona printer include the all in one ribbon cartridge. Instead of trying to figure out which side of the print ribbon belongs on which spindle of the printer as in the old models if ID card printers, this model contains a printer cartridge which snaps right into place. There is nothing to feed, fumble or tear with this printer.

Text, logos, bar codes and signatures and photos are easily printed in full color on this printer that is small enough to fit on the corner of most office desks. The input hopper holds 100 cards and 30 cards are held in the output hopper–just enough for small card printing jobs.

Magnetic stripe encoding is also an available option on the Fargo C30e.

Popular Print Ribbons

44200 YMCKO Print Ribbon

44202 Black Print Ribbon

44210 YMCKOK Print Ribbon

Don’t Forget the Cleaning Kits

85976 Fargo Persona Cleaning Kit

For complete specifications about the Persona C30e made by Fargo, contact our id card experts. We provide and service Fargo printer models, Evolis printer models, CIM printer models and Magicard printer models.

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