Fargo Card Printer

Fargo 5000

Most businesses require simple id cards. A card with the employee name, title, picture and maybe a barcode is on the card holder badge. These cards are used for payroll functions or to provide identification for the security guard manning the business entrance.

Government offices often require a much higher level of security and access control. The buildings may not look any different than a typical office building, however the private information for the welfare of the government and it’s citizens,such as tax records and classified documents, reside inside.

This information makes government buildings subject to criminal activity and makes security of it’s people and information high priority. Many products from the security world’s offerings are used to secure the buildings. One method of security is a high level secure ID card.

Fargo Card Printer
Fargo Electronics has a reputation for producing printers that make a high quality, secure id badge. Their printers range in function from a Persona C30 which produces a basic photo id badge to a secure printer, such as the Fargo HDP5000 printer. This printer allows the addition of modules to create the printer that would meet the specifications of the organization. From a simple one sided card printer to a highly secure printer, the options for the HDP5000 allow freedom to develop the system that will perfectly integrate with business needs.

Fargo HDP5000 printers come with the following security optional modules:

  • Magnetic stripes- Magnetic stripe capability allows information to be stored on the HiCo stripe on the back of the card. Additional information can be stored and retrived from this type of ID card.
  • Lamination- Laminating an ID badge secures the face of the card. Tampering with the lamination will deface the look of the ID.
  • Smart Card- Smart card capability allows information to be stored in the card for retrival when near a reader with capabilities to extract the data
  • Printer Secure Lock- The HDP5000 can provide a feature to lock the machine and cards. This prevents unauthorized users from producing badges.

Read more about our Fargo printers and the Fargo HDP5000 on our website. Read more about the Fargo DTC550, Fargo DTC400e or the Fargo Persona C30e. We would be happy to provide a free consultation for your Fargo printer needs.

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