Fargo HDP5000 – Ribbon Has Misqued Error

Fargo HDP5000
When using a Fargo HDP5000 printer, the error code “ribbon has misqued” may display on the LCD screen. Following are the steps you need to take to fix the error and resume printing.

1. Go to the computer print driver.
2. Go to the printing preferences option.
3. Select Card Tab.
4. Go to the tool box.
5. Select Calibrate Ribbon and follow the directions provided.
6. Begin printing your cards.

For information about the Fargo HDP5000 printersor other Fargo printers, contact us for a free consultation at 888-485-4696.

10 thoughts on “Fargo HDP5000 – Ribbon Has Misqued Error

  1. joseph ochola

    I have a Fargo card printer which developed a minor problem this mornid please help me sort out this mess It is showing me ERROR PRINTER HEAD LIFT UP WHAT COULD BE THE PROBLEM

    THE MACHINE MODEL IS Fargo 550 Id printer


  2. SafeCardID Team

    This is probably a sensor or a problem with the main board. Contact Fargo technical support line for further assistance at 800-459-5636.

  3. Gordon

    Mine is a problem with the fargo printer HDP5000,it indicates a film Error…how do i go about it? Thanx

  4. SafeCardID Team

    Locate the print driver in your printers folder for the HDP5000. Look for the calibration tab and follow the directions on calibrating the ribbons. This should fix the film error.

    If not, contact Fargo technical support for further assistance at 800-459-5636.

  5. Alexander

    I have a problem wirth the Fargo HDP5000.
    When I calibrate the ribbon, I get the message calibrate failed error: 170.
    If I calibrate the film and after it I calibrate the ribbon, the fargo sais calibrate passed ok but I can’t click ok. The only thing I can do is to restart the printer.
    What could be the problem?

    thank you

  6. SafeCardID Team

    Contact Fargo technical support for specific recommendations about your error message. The can be contacted at 800-459-5636 or 1-952-941-9470.

  7. jude stanley

    i have a problem with my printer hdp 5000
    the probleme is check film error 26
    please help me

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