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Fargo HDP5000

Do you need technical assistance with your Fargo HPD5000 or HDPii printer? Safe-Card ID Services is an authorized dealer and support center for the full Fargo printer line. But there are many things you can do yourself to investigate and resolve issues. We always recommend you check for and apply any updates to the printer’s device drivers and embedded firmware. Plus, the freely available printer reference guides provide a wealth of information on the use and maintenance of these devices. Fortunately, Fargo makes these easy to locate. These items and more can be found and easily downloaded from the support pages at the manufacturer’s website.

The following typical and popular items are available for download:

Printer Drivers:

  • HDP5000 Driver
  • HDPii Driver

Printer Firmware:

  • Fargo HDP5000 firmware
  • HDPii firmware

User Guide

Diagnostic Tools:

  • Fargo Workbench Utility – This is a free utility that provides security, diagnostic and firmware upgrades. Through this utility, there are capabilities to set password controlled access to your printer, locate and print sample cards, and access printer and ribbon information. There is also a built-in Update Manager, which can be used to check for and apply printer driver and firmware updates for all current, and many legacy Fargo printers.

Visit the HID Global/Fargo drivers & downloads page to locate the items you may need.

For other technical or support issues with Fargo HDP5000 & HDPii printers, or any other Fargo printers, contact us for a free consultation at +1 888.485.4696, or visit us at www.safecardid.com.

106 thoughts on “Fargo HDP5000 – Technical Support Resources

  1. Dustin

    Hi, If I’m getting bubbles ( that you cant pop) over the face (top left) does that mean that the whole laminating roll could be bad? Its about every 8 or so cards, but in the same spot every time.

  2. SafeCardID Team

    Hi Dustin – from what you describe, the laminator works fine initially, and then after 8 or so cards, the problem begins. To me, that would point to something other than the film, but you could certainly change rolls to see if there’s improvement. More likely, the laminator heat is set too high in the driver, or the high-temp sensor is not functioning properly, and therefore not maintaining the heat at the proper level. Let us know if we can help further!

  3. Sinu Rasheed

    Hi Team ,

    I have brought an HDP 5000 ID card printer and installed driver and the ID card printing software in the domain user (WORK-GROUP). When I start to print from the software the print is not coming . But if I print normal images other than software it is printing . We thought it was problem with software , but software is printing to all other printers and software is printing to HDP 5000 when we installing driver in stand alone PC not domain.Windows application like notepad,paint ,word can print from domain. Fargo Brand only not printing in the domain , other printers can print in the domain . But we like the Fargo printing quality . What solution for this issue , kindly update me because we have bunch of ID cards to be printed .


  4. SafeCardID Team

    Hi Rasheed – thanks for your question. You don’t indicate what software you’re attempting to print with, or what version(s) of Windows you’re using, but I’ll assume that it’s Asure ID and Windows 7 Pro for purposes of a reply. If I understand it correctly, it you use the software to print to the HDP5000 when that printer is directly connected via USB, it works as expected. When connected to the network domain, the same software does not work. HOWEVER, other programs can be used to send jobs to the same printer when authenticated on the domain. Assuming that to be correct, and as the software clearly works and the printer clearly works, it sounds to me like you have a Windows “permissions” issue either with the printer-driver settings, or with the Asure ID application settings. Are you running Asure ID in Windows compatibility mode for some reason? Have you tried to “Run as Administrator” and, if so, what was the result? Any additional information you can provide will be helpful to us in remotely assisting. If you can reply, please be sure to include the missing information above regarding your Windows environment (network & local host), as well as the software you’re using for card-printing, including version and build numbers. Thank you!

  5. Kaylee

    I’m having an issue with the HDP5000 card printer. This only occurs on a couple of cards out of an entire batch, but the cards we use are expensive so I need to solve this issue. Our cards have a colored banner on the top with our department information. On some of the cards that are printed there are a couple of spots that fade out on top of the banner. It is not a lamination issue, as this has happened on cards we do not use lamination on. Would you be able to help me figure out what this might be?

  6. SafeCardID Team

    Hi Kaylee – your issue could be one of a few things. The first thing we would have you try is a ribbon calibration, accessible from the Fargo Workbench Utility program. You should try a film calibration as well, the issue could occur either when the ink is applied to the transfer-film, or when the transfer of the image to the card surface is occurring.

    Another issue is known to occur occasionally on older models of the HDP5000, and where the ribbon doesn’t move evenly from the feed-spool to the take-up spool. What you would notice is that, as the roll is used up, the ribbon or film gathers closer and closer to one end of the spool, rather than being neat and even in the middle of the take-up spool.

    If this problem occurs with older models, we recommend either using the new carriers, or to consider replacing the printer with a newer model.

    Our expert technicians would be more than happy to help you by phone, and can be reached weekdays at +1 704.535.5200, during normal east-coast business hours.

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