Fire ID Cards – Fire Badges

Fire departments are maintained to provide safety and security from loss of life and possessions. When the alarm rings, the firefighters goal is to reach the scene of the fire and assist with safety of humans as well as preserve the building structure, contents and the surrounding environment. Using the tools they have been provided, the firefighter risks his life to save the lives of others.

One tool that may not be considered a safety tool in the arsenal of firefighter’s tools is the firefighter’s id card. The card is critical in the process of some fire departments. The small tool can identify that the correct people are in the right place at the appropriate times. Often, systems have been set up for a quick swipe of the card on the way into the situation. The reporting and real time tracking of the fire and emergency personnel on site can greatly improve communication and information needed to complete the firefighting as quickly as possible.

The card is also beneficial in verifying the credentials of those firefighters who do not know each other. Identification cards display important identifying information such as a picture and qualifications so that immediate access can be provided to appropriate personnel.

The community is provided with a sense of safety when an identification card is displayed by an on duty or off duty firefighter. Qualifications displayed on the badge provide citizens with the understanding that the cardholder is trained in various levels of public safety.

Depending on the size and needs of the department, the id card may be a simple photo and name id. Larger organizations may provide their employees with complex badges containing access capabilities and internally saved information. Extra security layers may be added to the card to prevent tampering and duplication.

Departments may choose to obtain a photo id system and bring it in house for id card issuance. Other departments may choose to have a professional badge making company provide custom id cards for their emergency personnel. Various systems and services are available to meet the needs of the smallest and largest departments. Give us a call when you are ready for a free consultation on the process that would work best for your organization. Our id experts are at 888-485-4696.

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