Healthcare ID Badges

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Most hospitals and hospital owned health care facilities require medical doctors, nurses and staff to wear their id badge at all times. ID badges, worn visibly at all times, assure patients and their families that appropriate people are caring for them in a time of insecurity and possible fear.

These employee badges can be simple identification badges, including name, title and photo. More complex badges are becoming commonplace in many hospital settings. Access control, security system access and payroll functions are often integrated into the card displaying the card holder id credentials. With the addition of smart card or proximity technology into the card, additional information can be held and retreived by readers set to access the card information. The healthcare id badges serve a wide variety of organizational needs.

Some healthcare facilities require patients to have id cards. These cards can be simple identification tools or can contain significant medical record information advising of the medical treatment underway.

Hospital visitor badges increase the security of the hosptial floors and can be integrated with color coded id stripes or advanced technology cards that allow access to certain areas of the center. Restricted areas can be kept secure by visible examination of id cards for those entering the area or automated by proximity or smart cards.

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