HID Prox Card

Proxcard IIThe HID prox card is a contactless, integrated-circuit card used in conjunction with an access control system to manage use of secure facilities or networks. When presented to an appropriate reader, the card will transmit encoded information through that reader, and to a specialized controller or software application, which interprets this information. The software then processes the data against a custom set of rules and permissions, ultimately either allowing the card holder to have access to the requested resource, or not.

Common proximity cards are low-frequency (125kHz) devices, while newer cards and devices operate at high-frequency (13.56 MHz).

Although more expensive than standard PVC cards, proximity cards are often reasonably priced, allowing their use as a combined ID-card and proximity-card.

Current Fargo printers that will allow encoding of proximity cards are the Fargo HDP5000, Fargo HDP5600, Fargo DTC1250e, Fargo DTC4250e, and Fargo DTC4500e. For information about cards that can be integrated with identification applications, visit our HID prox-card page.

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