HoloKote is a patented watermark feature that is available on Magicard ID card printers. When full color cards are printed using a thermal transfer YMCKO print ribbon, the HoloKote feature is an optional feature of the Magicard printers.

After the colored YMCK print panels have completed their pass through the printer, the clear “O” panel passes over the printed card and an overlay is applied to the card surface to protect the image from fading and scratching. The Magicard printer’s have the capability to frost the secure image onto the clear overcoat during printing.

By tiliting a printed card while daylight, the unique HoloKote pattern is visible for added card security. There is the option for a clear overcoat layer which provides no security, a standard HoloKote watermark which is a different pattern for each printer model or a high security, custom HoloKote watermark available on some Magicard printers.

HoloKote is available on the Magicard Tempo, Opera, Enduro, Alto, Rio 2e, Tango 2e and Tango +L printers. The built-in HoloKote is currently a user option controlled by the driver settings. Custom HoloKote options are ordered separately.

A video is available from Magicard demonstrating the Magicard printer’s HoloKote feature.

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