How to fix ribbon breakage on a DTC300, C30 & DTC400

Fargo Fargo DTC400e

If you’re have having ribbon breakage when printing with your Persona C30, Fargo DTC300 or Fargo DTC400 series machine, the first thing you need to do is calibrate the ribbon sensor.

The next step would be to clean the printer with a printer cleaning kit made for your printer.

Then, power off the printer by unplugging the small black power connector from the back of the printer. Plug it back in after a few seconds. This allows the printer to reset and adjust the ribbon to the correct color panel.

If you are still having problems, there could be an issue with the drive o-rings or pulleys. This problem requires an internal repair of the printer by a technician trained in Fargo printer repair.

Some of the early models of these printers had issues with the drive o-rings. They would tend to stretch after a period of time, causing printing issues or ribbon breakage.

For additional information about the Fargo DTC400e, Persona C30e or other Fargo printers, let our ID card experts provide you with a free consultation.

3 thoughts on “How to fix ribbon breakage on a DTC300, C30 & DTC400

  1. Christy

    Thank you Thank you Thank you!! I have been fighting with this printer for so long. All I had to do was calibrate it and it works great.

  2. ankomah

    hi,please my fargo direct to card cant print but it stop with info on screen printing yellow that all never give me anything but card come out with yellow starch on it help me

  3. SafeCard ID Team Post author

    Hi, and thank you for your post. As I understand it, you’re attempting to print a color card, but the only color that is printing is yellow. This is most likely due to an improper ribbon setting for the printer driver. When selecting the printer from your software, there should be a “Properties” or “Print Options” button to the right of the printer name. If you select this, you should then see where you can manually specify what ribbon is loaded in the printer. The typical choices are K (for monochrome printing), YMCKO for single-sided full-color, or YMCKOK for dual-sided printing with cards printing in color on the front-side and monochrome black on the back side. Monochrome ribbons use only a single ribbon “panel” when printing, while a color-image will use 5 panels (Y)ellow, (M)agenta, (C)yan, (K)Black, and then a clear protective (O)verlay (YMCKO). As the first panel on a color ribbon is the (Y)ellow panel, and the only color you are seeing printed on the card, it sounds like your ribbon setting is on (K), telling the printer to render the card with just the first panel of the ribbon, rather than using the full 5-panels to create the full-color image. Check this and let us know if that works out for you. If you are based in the USA, our experts are available to assist by phone as well: +1 704.535.5200.

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