Installing an Fargo Print Driver with a Zebra Print Driver

Complete Instructions for Installing a Fargo Print Driver are here.

If you are installing a Fargo Print Driver on a computer that has had or currently has a Zebra Print Driver installed, the following tip may be needed.

Tip: : If after the connection of the USB cable the printer Wizard appears, it may be the result of previously having an Eltron or Zebra card printer driver installed. The installation if those drivers may rename a windows file that is required for the installation of Fargo printer drivers.

On you PC, open the Windows Explorer and browse to the following folder:
C:\WINDOWS\inf (the inf folder is a hidden folder so you need to set the Windows Explorer’s View to allow you to see hidden folders.) In the inf folder, look for a file that is named and rename it to usbprint.inf (change the file extension by adding an f at the end).

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