Loaner or Hotswap

Professional id card printers are often provided with a loaner or hotswap warranty program for a certain length of time after printer purchase.

If you experience difficulties with your printer during the warranty period that you can not solve with instructions provided with your system, your first step would be to contact the company where you purchased your printer. Most id card printer companies have technical support staff that can trouble shoot basic printer issues. Often the technical representative is able to solve printer difficulties with your single phone call.

If the printer does not respond to the suggestions given by the representative and it is still within the loaner warranty period, the hotswap warranty allows you to obtain an RMA number and send in your broken printer to the manufacturer for repair. While your printer is at the manufacturer’s location for repair, the manufacturer will provide a functional printer to the customer during the repair timeframe. This allows the customer’s card production downtime to be minimal.

For information about warranty options, contact our id experts.We provide id card printers from Fargo, Evolis, CIM and Magicard.

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