Magicard Opera

Magicard Opera

The Magicard Opera printer is the best value all-in-one dye sublimation printer solution that Magicard offers for color ID card printing. The printer is a single sided hand-fed printer for small, infrequent printing jobs. The printer has a security HoloKote feature in a waves pattern that will watermark the card and decrease the possibility of counterfeiting the card.

The printer is able to print on all standard CR80 PVC cards. It takes about 30 seconds for a full color card to be printed.

An encoding module is able to able to be added to the Magicard Opera printer. The magnetic stripe encoder encodes HiCo ISO std. 7811 tracks 1 and 2 only.

With a one year warranty and Magicard ID badging software included with the purchase of the printer, the compact, attractive printer will meet basic id card printing needs for many organizations and small businesses.

For additional information about the Magicard Opera and other Magicard Printers, contact our id card experts at 888-485-4696.

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