New Evolis Printer Ribbons for Release in Late 2012

The Evolis card printer manufacturer is developing new ribbon types for release by third quarter 2012. These ribbons will help facilitate new uses for printed cards the size of your photo ID. Following is a listing of the ribbons set for release:

YMCWOK / YMCWOW These ribbons contain white panels rather than a black panel. The ribbon is intended to personalize dark PVC cards.

YMCWOK - WMCWOW print ribbons

SO (Silver Overlay) / GO (Gold Overlay) These ribbons are designed for banking applications.

Silver Overlay and Gold Overlay ribbons

UYMCK/ UYMCKK (U = Unichroma) These ribbons are designed for projects that requite polycarbonate cards. The ribbon contains a varnish, called unichroma, that coats the card surface prior to applying dye sub ink.

UYMCK - UYMCKK print ribbons

For more information about using these new ribbon types with your Evolis printer, please contact our ID card experts toll free at 888-485-4696.

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