Oversized Cards

The standard ID card printer prints on a CR-80 card. This standard size card is the same size and thickness as a standard VISA or Mastercard credit card or a driver’s license.

Various other card sizes are used in specialized applications. Some id card printers have the capability of printing to the larger or smaller card size. The most likely line of finding an id card printer that would print on a non-standard size card is in a manufacturer’s professional line of card printers. Most entry level card printers are standard size only.

Applications for larger cards would include airport personnel and other organizations where the size of the printing and scope of information on the card require additional surface area. Sizes of the larger cards would include the following:

CR-90 – 3.63″ x 2.37″/ 92mm x 60 mm

CR-100 – 3.88″ x 2.63″ / 98.5mm x 67mm

Safe-Card ID provides id card printer systems and supplies to make simple and complex id cards. PVC cards of all types can be found on our website or located through our id card experts expecting to hear from you.

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