Zebra P120i – Steps to Clean the Printer


After about 1,000 full color cards have been printed on the Zebra P120i printer, the printer will indicate that it is time to clean the printer.  You will notice the LCD screen will read “clean printer.” The LCD screen will walk you through the steps below:

To clean the printer:

1.  Hold the control button for several seconds.  If there is a card inside of the printer, it will be ejected.

2.  Remove printer cartridge and close the lid.

3.  Remove the remaining PVC cards in the card printer and close the cover.

4.  Feed the long cleaning card by feeding the smaller end of the large card into the exit slot.  The card will feed to clean the printer and eject.

5.  Feed the short cleaning card by opening the card feeder, pulling back the blue card guide and inserting the t-shaped small cleaning card into the slot.

6.  When the LCD screen prompts you to remove the cleaning card, open the lid, push the card guide open and remove the cleaning card.

7.  When the LCD screen prompts shows “ready,” reload the cards and ribbon for printing.

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Zebra P120i – Loading ID Cards into the ID Card Printer


The above video illustrates how to load PVC cards into the Zebra P120i id card printer.

1. Open the card feeder cover.
2. Slide the card guide up until it locks into place.
3. Place the cards in the feeder.
4. Close the cover until it clicks.

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Zebra P120i – Adding Card Sense to the Printer


Zebra P120i – Adding Card Sense to the Printer

This video from Zebra Card Printer illustrates how to install the optional single card feed kit for the Zebra card printer – model P120i.

    1. Remove the cards in the automatic card feeder and close the cover.
    2. Open the printer lid. Remove the load and go print ribbon cartridge and close the cover.
    3. Place the black roller into the blue grooves in the front of the printer.
    4. Hold the cleaning cartridge by the tabs on the side. Slide into the slots above the roller and put into place. Reload the ribbon cartridge and close the lid.

5. Switch to single feed mode.

    a. Click the windows start button.
    b. Go to settings. Open the printer directory and find the P120i printer. Right click to open properties.
    c. Select device settings tab. Click on enable feed support. Click apply.

6. Insert card into the center slot. The card will print and return out of this same slot.

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Persona C30 and Persona C30e Printers – Ribbon Usage

A customer provided a question to our technical department about using ribbons in the Persona C30 series printers. The question was:

Does the printer use the same amount of “ink” no matter what is printed? That is, if we print just a little bit of text vs. a full color photo, will the ribbon run out at the same time?

An answer from our technical experts is:

The answer to your question is “yes.” A full YMCKO print ribbon uses all 5 panels and a YMCKOK print ribbon uses all 6 panels to print a card no matter how much of each of the panels are used to create the specific colors on the printed badge. There is no way to reuse the portion of the panels that are not used in the single print of one card. Even a Persona monochrome print ribbon is not able to be conserved when just a fraction of the panel is used.

If conservation of the ribbon is important, you may wish to look into monochrome printing with an Evolis ID card printer. Single color ribbons in this line will only advance the amount of print ribbon that is used to print a card.

Find Persona C30e technical support.

For additional information about Persona C30e printers or Evolis ID card printers, contact our ID card experts at 888-485-4696.

Asure ID 2009 Software – Default Password

Following is a question from a customer to our technical department:

What is the default password for the Asure id 2009 software?

Our techncial area replied with the following information to answer the question:

1. The default information that comes with the initial installation of the Asure ID 2009 software is:

user name= admin
password= admin

2. The above factory specifications are able to be changed. When setting up the software you are provided opportunity to set up users and change passwords. If you are logged into the software at a later time as the administrator, you are also provided authorization to set up additional users and change passwords.

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Evolis Tattoo 2 New Features and Improved Warranty

THE EVOLIS TATTOO2 PRINTER is no longer in production and is no longer available for purchase. The information below is for reference purposes only. Thank you!



Today Evolis has released the following p

ress release about the Evolis Tattoo2 color printer:

The Evolis Tattoo2 color printer
New features and extended warranty


Angers, France, April 23, 2009. Evolis, the European leader in solutions for plastic card personalization, announces new features for Tattoo2, its entry-level color printer, ideal for instantly personalizing cards, singly or in small runs.

Evolis leverages technology and commits to quality

Tattoo2, Evolis’ entry-level printer for personalizing badges and plastic cards with text, pictures, logos and barcodes, is now available with new printing and encoding features: direct transfer onto thermosensitive cards, printing on paper tickets, ISO-compliant magnetic encoding*. These new features position Tattoo2 as a sound entry-level printer for use in applications such as loyalty cards, ticketing, or access control. Tattoo2 also carries an optional Ethernet port for networking it when required, for example, in distributed deployment.

Furthermore, Evolis increases its standard warranty to two years for the Tattoo2 color printer. This warranty covers all components of the printer and includes an unlimited number of printouts. The multiple quality control implemented throughout the manufacturing process, and the expertise earned during the past years, have helped Evolis confidently commit to quality for both channel partners and end-users.

With Tattoo2, Evolis taps the entry-level segment of the market and addresses the needs of small organizations (SMEs, sports clubs, associations, branch offices, libraries, canteens and local authorities) that are looking for simple way to issue cards.

Tattoo2: the most compact printer in its category

Tattoo2 makes a difference thanks to its size. A lightweight printer (just 2.4 kgs – 5.5 lbs), Tattoo2 is a follow-me printer that will personalize cards and badges for mobile applications, and for trade shows and events as well. Its elegant and contemporary design makes it the ultimate printer at reception counters and welcome desks of any organization. Tattoo2 features a standard 100-card detachable feeder as well as a manual feeding mode for printing cards singly or in small batches.
As a user-friendly printer, Tattoo2 benefits from a clamshell-designed access that eases ribbon installation or replacement, and offers an exclusive « Push & Twist » system that makes print-head replacement mere child’s play.

*only available after study

About Evolis (www.evolis.com):

Evolis designs, manufactures and markets a comprehensive range of personalization solutions for plastic cards. The Evolis printers include all features for graphical, magnetic and electrical personalization (smart card, with
contact or contactless – RFID) of multi-purpose cards (employee badges, student IDs, bank cards, etc.).
Headquartered in Angers, France, Evolis has branch offices in Miami (USA) and Singapore as well as a representative office in Tokyo (Japan) and in Shenzhen (China). The company achieved a turnover of EUR
36.7 million (54,3M$) in 2008. Evolis has 140 employees and is represented in 90 countries worldwide.

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Asure 2009 ID Card Software – Setting RGB Font Colors

Steps to set custom colors using RGB settings.
1. Click the font color box.
2. Select the “Custom” tab
3. Right click on one of the white boxes near the bottom of the custom page.  This will open the color window that will allow you to define custom colors using RGB settings.
4. Click the “add to custom colors” button and the new color will be added to the color palate.


The white box that was selected with the right click will contain the new color. The RGB settings will be displayed on the font color box.


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Download a trial version of Asure ID 2009 software.

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ID Flow Software Screen Shots

ID Flow is premier software for card design, production and data management. The software provides a method to design and print id badges on plastic or paper. Bar codes, biometrics and mag stripes can be added to the cards. With the software, connect and manage the cardholder database.

Following are screen shots from the software:

ID Card Designer

Lobby Track

Card Issue Center

Lobby Track

Cardholder Record Lookup

Lobby Track

Report Center

Lobby Track

Record Center

Lobby Track

For brochures and specific information about Lobby Track or ID Flow software, contact our id card experts at 888-485-4696.

Asure ID 2009 – Installation Instructions

1. Place the Asure ID 2009 software CD in the computer. The program should start automatically.  If it does not start, browse to the CD ROM drive and run the “Asure_ID_2009_Setup.exe”.

2. The Select Setup Language screen should appear. Choose the appropriate language and select “ok”.

Select Setup Language

3. The Wizard will begin by checking for required pre-requisites. Click “Next” to load the pre-requisites.

Installation Wizard

4. The next screen is the first screen of the actual loading of the software. Keep in mind, that if the computer already has all of the pre-requisites installed this will be the screen shown after the start of the installation. Click “Next” to begin installing the software on the computer.

Installation Wizard

5. The Software License Agreement will display next. The Terms of the Agreement MUST be accepted to continue with the installation.

Installation Wizard

5. The next screen is the final screen before the files are copied to the computer. Click “Next” to start copying the files to the computer.

Installation Wizard

6. This is the final screen shot showing that the software has been installed and is now ready to use.  Please make reference to the Note on this screen:

The User ID and Password to use on first use is “admin””.

Click “Finish” to exit the installation program.

Installation Wizard


Assistance in setting up a MySQL database for Asure ID 2009 is also available.

For more information about Asure ID 2009 ID Card Software, contact our id card specialists at 888-485-4696.