Printer Control Panel Settings

Current id card printers have a printer control panel. Settings on the control panel are set at the factory with default factory settings. The control panel can be accessed through the LCD screen if the printer is equiped with the external panel. If the printer has an LED readout, the control panel is located within the printer driver. There are times when the factory settings for your specific printer may not work for a print job requirement.

If the default factory settings need to be changed in the printer control panel, it is best to not attempt to adjust the settings without consulting the technical team from the outlet where the printer was purchased. Trained technicians can guide you into the best adjustments for the requirements needed for your print job.

Factory settings are unique for each printer that is produced and are set for opimum performance of the printer. Under trained care, you can produce cards that will meet the requirements of your situation.

Contact our technical resource staff with your company name, date of purchase, model number and serial number for the best assistance with your printer questions. We provide and service Asure Software, ID Flow Software, EpiSuite, Fargo printer models, Evolis printer models, CIM printer models and Magicard printer models.

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