Refurbished ID Card Printer

In these current difficult economic times, companies tighten their budgets and continue to provide services and products to their customers. To keep up with the business security needs, it may be necessary to replace or purchase an id card printer for providing proper credentials and access to members.

When reviewing the id card product options available, an area to research is refurbished id card printers. Refurbished printers are new printers that have not been used. The definition of refurbished is that the product has not been used, but the product box has been opened. If a customer has purchased the product, they have returned it to manufacturer for various acceptable reasons.

When we receive a refurbished id card printer that has been returned, our technical department tests the printer and cleans it, verifiying that the printer meets factory specificiations prior to release to a customer. The best thinngs about these printers is that the pricing is discounted a large percent and the printer comes with manufacturer warranties. We normally have a number of printers available on a consistant basis that provide new, quality id badge production at reduced costs. Affordable refurbished ID card printer and printer systems are available though our rebox program.

Current refurbished and new id card printers available are available from our id card experts that can be reached toll free at 888-485-4696. Our manufacturers are: Fargo printers, Evolis printers, Zebra, Datacard printers, CIM printers and Magicard printers.

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