Reverse Transfer Printing

Reverse transfer printing is the technology of the Fargo HDP card printer series. In this printing the printer releases ink into a dye-receptive transfer (HDP) film. The film is then fused into the surface of the PVC card it is applied to. The HDP method of id card printing is superior to the traditional direct-to-card print as the card information is printed on the underside of the HDP film. The information is trapped between the card surface and the film barrier that provides security and protection to the printed material.

The printing process is more secure than other current methods of card printing. Attempts to adjust the information adhering to the card will damage the transfer film that can not be reused. Holograms are suggested within the transfer film for maximum security from those trying to remove and reapply the images on unauthorized cards. Edge to edge holograms are available with this type of printing.

For specific information about whether HDP printing is the best option for your application, contact our id card specialists. We provide and service Asure Software, ID Flow Software, EpiSuite, Fargo printers , Evolis printers, CIM printers and Magicard printers.

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