School ID Uses

With increasingly tight budgets, schools are saving money by using their identification card system. Not only as an ID card, identification cards are being used in a number of different ways. A student id card may be used as a visual id, to log into the school computer network, to access the athletic training facilities, to check out media or purchase through the food service company. Effectively and quickly, the student and staff id cards can be made in house to function as a customized card for many uses. Printing cards on-site provides for a quick turnaround and a secure card making environment.

Schools are safer when the facility is monitored and administration knows who is in the building. Using a photo identification card as access into a secured building will provide increases in the level of safety of that building. It will also allow administrators to have reports as to who accesses the building at various times.

Professionalism in the school is easily displayed by the use of an attractive, well constructed id card design. Great cards will provide pride in the educational setting and will increase the use of id card wearing throughout the campus.

Photo ID cards Visually Identify Students and Staff

By using id cards, a security officer can easily determine whether a cardholder is a student, staff, faculty or visitor. Incorporating security in the the card allows a simple by critical level of safety on the campus. Ways to increase security with cards is to use unique backgrounds, photographs or other designs for each level of card holder. An even easier way to design a level of security into the card is to implement a color coded system. Each level of card holder can have a specific color of bar across the card. This color will make it easy to determine if the person is in the correct area doing the right thing. With the colored id card, one can easily distinguish whether a card holder is a student faculty, staff member or visitor on campus. Visitor badges can be printed with a different look for obvious identification.

Additional security measures can be used on the card. Overlaminates and holograms are popular techniques that deter counterfeiting and card tampering. Holograms are applied to the top of the card, or they can be embedded. Overlaminates are available in standard and custom designs for maximum security.

Photo ID cards Benefit the Cafeteria and Media Checkout

Automation in the cafeteria and media center demands faster serving capabilities with better reporting. Identification cards with bar codes or magnetic strips can provide a quick and accurate means to connect the student with their debit and student accounts. When food or books are obtained, a student account can be accessed and updated with the transaction through software applications. By swiping bar codes and mag stripe readers on the card, school activities, vending and school payments can be accurately handled with ease.

Class schedules, medical information, contact information and other important items can be embedded into the magnetic stripe or accessed through a bar code reader. Manual functions can be automated making reporting accurate and less costly. It is simple for media centers and cafeteria managers to retrieve reporting for parents, management and internal planning with the use of automation through student id cards.

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