Skim Free Badge Holders – Smart Card Badge Holder

Skim Free Badge Holders

ID card theft is becoming a growing problem. No, id cards are not getting lost at a faster rate, but theft is occurring just the same. The theft is called skimming. This is when information stored on contactless smart cards is skimmed off of the card. The information is “downloaded” leaving the card holder with a perfect card, but information has been read from the card by an authorized scan.

There are secure badge holders that protect from this data loss. The holder is called a smart card secure badge holder. This card has a transparent frame allows easy visual inspection. Protecting the information, the card is read when the secure holder is opened by squeezing the activation tab. The card does not need to be removed from the holder.

Other badge holders are located in our online store. For specific information about obtaining a skim free badge holder, contact our ID card experts at 888-485-4696. They can also assist you with various types of PVC cards and HID Prox cards.

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