Slot Punch

A slot punch is a device that punches a rectangle slot or circular hole in PVC plastic cards. The hole is perfect size to attach a badge clip, lanyard or badge reel. This allows the id badge to be worn.

Many slot punch options come with guides. This feature is important to get the slot punch centered perfectly in the card each and every time. The guide can be adjusted so that the punch operator does not have to eyeball the card and guess at where the hole should be punched. The punch also ensures a standard, uniform look to the cards and provides a hold that aligns with the badge holders selected for the cards.

There are several types of slot punches that are made for different volumes of card punching. Following are different options available.

Hand Held Slot Punch – A hand held punch is used for organizations that punch only a few badges at one time. Too many badges would make this punch difficult to use as it is wearing on the arms to make continuous punches over and over again. These stainless steel punches are well manufactured and last for a long time. The punch is spring loaded to open back up automatically after punching a hole.

Staple Style Slot Punch – These punches are easier to use than the hand held punch as the punch works like a stapler. The top portion of the punch is pushed with the hand to create the hole in the badge inserted in the lower portion of the punch. The punch can be purchased with a guide for aligning the cards for uniform punching.

Table Top Slot Punch – These are excellent punches for medium to high volume card production. The id card is put into the slot that has a built in adjustable guide. The lever is pulled and the card is punched. Our service bureau uses these slot punches and we are pleased with the longevity of the punch.

Electric Slot Punch – These punches are operated with a foot switch. When the card is inserted, the operator presses the pedal. The id card hole is made without any use of a hand. The alignment is available on this model to provide the perfect placement of the slot punch in the badges.

Circular hole punches are available to allow a card to have a round hole. Although not as common as the rectangle slot punch hole, these holes are used for chain badge holders.

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