Tips for Selecting an ID Card Printer

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Finding the right id card printer to make the identification cards your organization requires is easy with the amount of information available about the PVC card printer manufacturers and the current line of printers on the market.

ID card printer manufacturers produce printers that will print on 30 ml PVC cards of a standard size. The size of the card is the same as the size of the credit card that you carry in your wallet. The card can be printed will full color or single color on the front side of the card. Dual printer ribbons print a standard black color on the back of the card. Print quality for all id card printers is at 300 dpi.

Full color single sided ribbons are commonly called YMCKO print ribbons. The printer printing a full color single side card passes the first four color panels over the card. The YMCK panels each provide a portion of color that is combined by the printer’s printhead actions to create a quality full color print. The “O” panel provides an overlay over the full color printed surface to provide additional protection to the printed card.

Dual sided printers use a YMCKOK printer ribbon or cartridge. The ribbon prints the front surface of the card in the same manner that the YMCKO print ribbon prints. Once the front side is completed, the printer has a component that flips the card and repasses it under the printhead. The last panel, the “K” panel, prints black on the reverse side of the card.

Manufacturer warranty for id card printers range from one year to three years. Each printer model and manufacturer have specific features available that are beneficial and are worth taking a second look. Professional line printers often come with a “hot swap” warranty that provides a replacement printer while the original printer is in for repair.

Optional features may also determine which printer model is best. Encoding options for magnetic stripe, smart card and contact or contactless cards are available on many machines. Some printers must have this feature installed when manufactured. Other printers are able to be enhanced after purchase with additional encoding options as needed.

Lamination stations are another option that are available on printers of highest quality. These printers contain a lamination module that provides a secure overlay on the card surface. Standard and custom holograms are available on single or dual sides of the card. It is good to speak with an id card expert regarding the best printer options available when requirements such as a secure laminate are needed on the id card.

For information about id card printers to meet your requirements, contact our id card experts for a free consultation. We provide and service Fargo printers, Evolis printers, CIM printers, and Magicard printers.

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