Ultracover Plus Extended Warranty

Many Magicard printer models have a free Ultracover extended warranty provided with the purchase of a new printer. This warranty provides a free replacement for a failed printhead and provides a loaner unit for those who must return their printer for repair. This warranty is provided for two years to purchasers of printers in North America and Europe.

To use the warranty, follow these steps:

1. Upon purchase, the customer can obtain a CR80 sized card verifiying the Magicard purchase and activating the warranty. The card lists date of purchase, serial number of the printer and a customer service contact number.

2. If the printer exhibits a problem, call the number on the card provided to received phone assistance for the printer issue.

3. If the technical assistance team deams that the printer will need to be returned to the manufacturer for technical repairs, a Magicard Returns Advice Number (MRAN) will be provided to you for return of the printer.

4. If the product has been determined to be covered by the Ultracover warranty, have the address where the loaner printer should be sent available for fastest shipment to the printing location.

5. Once the loaner printer is received, return the problem printer to the address provided as soon as possible.

6. The printer being shipped for repair needs to be packaged in it’s original packaging and must include the MRAN number inside and on the outside shipping box.

7. If the defective unit is not recevied by the repair center within two weeks a rental fee may be assessed.

8. Upon repair, the unit will be returned. Upon receipt, return the loaner unit back to the address provided. If the unit is not returned within two weeks, a rental fee may be assessed.

9. The customer is responsible for shipping fees of the defective printer to the service repair center. Ultra will cover costs of loaner unit shipping and the return shipping fees for the repaired printer under the Ultracover loan.

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