Corrections ID Card Systems for Secure Photo Identification


Recent events have increased the importance of security in correction operations.  From local to federal confinement systems, corrections staff are concerned about running an efficient, budget-friendly operation that implements the highest level of security for its employees, visitors and occupants.

Photo identification provides a part of the total security plan necessary to run an efficent, secure operation. Our specialists have worked with police, fire and correctional facilities to provide the appropriate identification solutions to combine with already existing security plan.

Our PVC card printer solutions range from a basic photo ID to high-security proximity cards or smart cards that can contain biometric data.  Badges range from standard IDs to cards used for many purposes such as:

  1. Employee and Visitor Identification
  2. Physical Access to Buildings and Parking Lots
  3. Network and Database Login
  4. Time and Attendance Payroll Systems
  5. Tracking of physical assets and inventory

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