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Recent events have made security critical in all healthcare operation systems.  From the largest hospital provider to the smallest home health agency, health agencies are concerned about running efficient, low cost operations that provide the highest security possible for it's employees and patients.

Photo id cards in a healthcare setting can quickly identify an unauthorized person in a secured area. Advanced badging capabilities can authorize appropriate staff and medical personnel into areas such as a surgical room. Automatic debit of an account for food or gift purchases can be added to the uses of a photo ID.

Card systems are easier to use and more feature capable than even before. Our printer system options range from a simple photo id to high security proximity cards or smart cards that can contain biometric data.  Card are often used for multiple purposes such as the following:

  • Patient Identification
  • Employee and Visitor Identification
  • Building Access
  • Network Login
  • Time and Attendance Payroll Systems
  • Cashless debit system for food vending

By using various colors or emblems on badges, it is easly for patients and family to know who they are dealing with, by specialty and by name. With advanced cards, the paper charts and paper trails can be reduced in the ares of payroll, patient medication records, patient treatment plans, and financial or insurance information.

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