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Quality Single-side Card Printing

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Evolis Primacy

Easy-to-use, innovative and cost-effective, the Evolis Primacy Simplex is the ideal solution for single-side card printing. It gives you great-looking cards for many different applications, such as identification, security, leisure, gift and loyalty cards.

The Evolis Primacy Simplex printer is one of the fastest printers on the market delivering quality cards time after time.

Evolis Primacy Simplex Card Printer

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Why Choose the Evolis Primacy?

The Primacy Simplex comes standard with both USB (2.0; 3.0 compatible) and a single RJ45 Ethernet port, providing the flexibility to use with a stand-alone workstation, or in a networked environment. There is an additional USB output port, allowing you to "daisy-chain" multiple USB devices, then using only a single port on your PC or Mac.

A wide range of encoding modules can be added to produce secure ID cards, whether you use mag-stripes, or contact-type and contactless smart-cards.

This plug-and-play printer comes with a set up wizard that leads you through configuration, step-by-step. Both the printer and print-head come with a market leading three-year manufacturer's warranty.

In our ready to use package, your printer purchase includes a Primacy Simplex printer, a starter cleaning kit, USB cable, and cardPresso XXS Edition software

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Why Choose Evolis printers?

  1. Easy to use with the quick startup interface
  2. Fast and flexible printing. With just a few clicks you have a custom printed card.
  3. Cards can be designed with text, graphics, bar-codes and photos. Optional contact or contactless smart chip encoding is available.
  4. High image quality with a 300 DPI print resolution.
  5. High-security options to fight forgeries and fraud with the use of hologram overlays.
  6. Encoding options are available for enhanced security.
  7. Automatic application of a protective varnish overlay for extending the life of printed cards.