Asure ID Software – Color Matching

Asure Enterprise

Your id card printer system is set up, you have designed your badge and print the first card. The graphics and text look awesome, except for one thing. The colors printed just don’t match the color you were expecting. If you have calibrated the ribbon and things still don’t work out for your card colors, you may need to adjust settings in your Asure ID card software. The following are steps that allow adjustment to the color output within the software settings:

1. In the software card design center, click on the red or blue bar.
2. Go to properties.
3. In the lower right corner, click on the field color. It says select color.
4. Click on define custom colors.
5. Adjust the color palette and run a test print.

The above adjustments will adjust the color on the computer monitor as well and the monitor view may not look correct. Focus on the card output and adjust as needed to get the desired output.

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