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Current News: Datacard® DuraShield™ Clear Card Overlay

Datacard Group has released a new clear card overlay that will protect printed custom cards from durability threats.  This would include moisture, various chemicals and abrasives that may touch the card. This overlay is not able to be removed from the cardstock as in other current overlays in the marketplace.

Introducing the product, Datacard provided a press release describing the benefits of this overlay.  Exerpts are below:

Available for the Datacard® desktop printer line, the DuraShield clear overlay provides a combination of exceptional durability and over-the-edge coverage, and is ideal for financial cards, student ID applications, secure corporate access control cards, as well as other demanding card programs. This new scratch-resistant, full-coverage overlay is optimal for PVC composite cards, extends the card life and reduces issuance costs by protecting against environmental threats. It cannot be removed from a card intact, unlike typical polyester patch laminates offered today.

“Datacard Group is dedicated to delivering a portfolio of supply products that continue to meet and exceed customer demand and expectations,” said Russell St. John, senior vice president of global marketing for Datacard Group. “The ability for documents and cards to withstand counterfeiting, forgery, alteration and everyday abrasions ensures that issuers can extend card life while maintaining a cost-effective and secure card program.  Our new DuraShield overlay offers card durability that is over four times the protection of a standard topcoat and is ideal for multiple applications.”

For more information about card printers and speciality products to increase the durability of your printed cards, please contact our ID card experts at 888-485-4696.

Current News: Updated ID Flow and Lobby Track Editions

Jolly Technologies has released updated versions of their identity software, ID Flow and also Lobby Track.  The new editions contain the following feature:

QR Codes

All versions of the software can now render QR (quick response) bar codes. Jolly Technologies advises that these “codes can contain information about a person or item derived from a database record, can be printed on ID cards, badges or labels and can be read by QR code readers and smart phones. The decoded information can be displayed on-screen or used to automatically populate forms.  Jolly envisions popular uses of the technology will be for ID verification, ticketing, tradeshows, and other applications that benefit from the fast transfer of personal information.”

Other Lobby Track Upgrades

Lobby Track can also now store signatures in a file folder for an audit trail.  The signature capture is completed at check in and helps to validate that the actual cardholder is checking in or out.  A popular application of this feature is time and attendance use where the company is concerned that other employees may be signing someone in and out for their payroll documentation.

Lobby Track Online Registration Module features the capability of sending registration confirmation emails containing a barcode. containing information to be used for fast check-in.

If you currently have a support plan with Jolly for your software, the upgrade version is free. If your support plan has ended or you did not purchase one, you may upgrade your software version for an upgrade fee.  Please contact our ID experts at 888-485-4696 if you would like additional information about ID Flow or Lobby Track software.

Current News: Asure ID 7 Release

HID Global has announced the release of Asure ID 7, the latest update to its industry-leading card personalization suite of software. Building on the popular Asure ID 2009 software, Asure ID 7 features new navigational enhancements and advanced printing capabilities designed to simplify the entire process of card issuance from entry-level uses to more sophisticated secure credential applications.

Asure ID 7 includes four versions tailored to the various needs and sizes of an organization:

Asure ID Solo–easy to use and perfect for entry-level card personalization, Solo is loaded with useful features to improve the issuance and basic management of photo IDs.
Asure ID Express–the ideal choice for organizations looking for affordable photo ID card software with advanced card design and batch printing capabilities.
Asure ID Enterprise–featuring Live Link™ for large organizations that require multiple workstations to share a common database over a network in real time.
Asure ID Exchange–designed for the most sophisticated secure credential applications combining Live Link advanced database support and iDIRECTOR technology card design for smart card deployment

Currently registered users of Asure ID 2009 are able to receive a free upgrade to Asure ID 7. New customers are also eligible for a free 30-day trial at HID’s website.

Click on the CD for your upgrade or free Asure ID 7 trial.

For information about ID card software options such as Asure ID software, contact our ID card experts at 888-485-4696.

Current News: Zebra ZXP Series 3 Printer Displayed at ISC West

The New Zebra ZXP Series 3 Printer is a new, technologically advanced ID card printer that Zebra Card is releasing soon. They provided demonstrations of the printer at ISC West during the first part of April. Features of this new printer are as follows:

The new ZXP Series 3 offers full smart card encoding capabilities, fast print speed, and high print quality—all for an affordable price. The full-featured ZXP Series 3 provides customers with the best-in-class direct-to-card printer. This competitive advantage gives Zebra and its partners a strong opportunity to gain market share in this highly competitive segment.

ZXP Series 3 printer’s multiple features and benefits include:
• Affordable on-site, on-demand direct-to-card printing
• Easy to use for reduced training requirements and improved productivity
• Compact footprint that fits in any work area
• Fast print speed for improved operations efficiency
• Zebra’s ZRaster™ host-based image processing technology for improved throughput and image quality
• True Colours® ix Series™ high-performance ribbons enable higher print speeds and image quality
• Flexible single- or dual-sided printing, color or monochrome
• Standard-based encoding, including PC/SC and EMV-certified smart card encoding, over USB and Ethernet
• Security options such as EMV smart card encoding and locking enclosure for financial card printing

Zebra Card has a projected release date at the end of this month or early May.

For information about Zebra Card Printers and other ID card printers, contact our ID card experts at 888-485-4696.

Current News: ID Badge Law for Medical Providers in Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania House Bill 1482 was signed into law by former Gov. Ed Rendell on November 23, 2010. This law requires health care providers to wear a photo identification badge while working. The law is beneficial to patients and their families as it will identify the type of provider servicing them. The levels of education and training a provider has received will be easy for users of health care services to verify with this type of worn credential.

Currently, there is clarification needed from lawmakers about the intent of the bill. The PA State Department of Health is requesting clarification as to what groups of medical providers would be required to wear the photo identification cards while at work.

The effective date of the bill is also being determined. The Department of Health advises that they will give ample time for providers to source their id badging.

For assistance with your ID badge needs, visit our informational page or contact our ID card service bureau experts at 888-485-4696.

Campus Safety and Staff Efficiency Increased with Identification

Yesterday, the manufacturer of Zebra card printers outlined the benefits of providing secure identification for educational staff and students in a blog post. They advised that the benefits of using identification cards allow improved processes and increased security of the campus.

The article released advised that since it is not possible to hire enough security guards to police every corner of campus, one way to help secure school facilities and people was to issue identification cards similar to the way corporations do. Admissions departments can issue advanced level cards during student registration that can be used to check out books from the library and access various approved facilities on campus. It is possible to configure the cards so that they can be used for debit purposes in campus bookstores and dining facilities.

School cards can be used by retailers that market to the students and staff. Student/staff discounts and special offers can be generated with showing a valid ID. This will help to boost sales of local businesses.

Good quality ID card printing on durable cardstock will provide an ID lasting for many semesters of school. These cards will provide a better workflow process saving time and costs for many necessary procedures.

Here is the begining of the article from Zebra’s blog:

From universities to primary schools, a revolution in technology is taking shape. The days when mundane tasks such as registration, book purchases, and meal programs required an army of administrators to manage piles of paperwork is but a digital page in today’s history e-books. 21st-century innovation is bringing automation—and a chance to improve security—to the campus.

With education costs skyrocketing, departments at all levels are looking for ways to trim expenses while maximizing staff productivity. Add the looming threats to campus security, and educators must make decisions that trade off the quality of education verses protecting our students. In fact, the 2011 Campus Safety magazine’s “How Safe Is Your Campus?” report revealed that 42 percent of faculty said their institutions fail to dedicate sufficient resources to campus safety and security. Gone are the days of open campuses and a friendly smile to protect our students. READ MORE